Your guide to a construction site accident in Rochester.

Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces in the United States. Unfortunately, even innocent bystanders can be hurt when employees and supervisors use construction equipment, chemicals, machinery, or tools negligently or irresponsibly. Falling objects are another potential hazard at construction sites. An expert construction accident attorneys in Rochester could assist you if you were injured on the job.

The following are some of the most common causes of construction injuries in Rochester:

-Falls from heights such as scaffolding, roofs, and other structures

-Safety equipment and training are insufficient.

-Machinery or equipment-related mishaps

-Welding mishap

-Accidents involving firearms

-Inadequate fence or other forms of protection

-Toxic chemical exposure


-Construction equipment encroaching on roads and sidewalks

-Accidents in the trenches


Construction sites are required by state and federal legislation to meet high workplace safety standards, including the use of required protective equipment and the limitation of exposure to hazardous chemicals. 

All too often, those laws are disregarded in part or entirely. Ignoring safety regulations can result in a life-altering injury or a fatality in the worst-case scenario.

What to do in case of such an accident?

-When you have been hurt, the first thing you should do is seek medical help. If you want to file a lawsuit, you need proof of your injuries. Notify your employer that you’ve been hurt on the job, and make a note of any evidence that may have contributed to your injury. 

-Finally, call an expert construction accident lawyer if you want to hold the guilty parties legally liable.

-If the accident was caused by reckless or irresponsible behaviour, you have the right to file a construction accident lawsuit to make the guilty parties legally liable for the damages. 

-Medical bills lost wages, and other financial costs of your damage can be sought, as well as bodily suffering, mental agony, permanent disability, or wrongful death. 

-Suppose you are a construction worker on workers’ compensation. In that case, you may still be entitled to file a lawsuit against your employer, a subcontractor, or the manufacturer of faulty equipment for their role in your accident.


You must evaluate the value of your damages to establish how much your case is worth. Medical bills, lost pay, long-term impairments, and pain and suffering are a few things to consider.

Every situation is unique, and speaking with an attorney will provide you with the most accurate information. To learn more about possible compensation, contact a construction accident lawyer.

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