Why You Should Avoid These Web Design Mistakes 

With more and more people accessing the internet for various purposes, it pays to have a website that will attract casual browsers. In addition, it will provide your business enough exposure and cache to establish an excellent online reputation that can translate to sales. If you’re looking for assistance in creating a terrific website, there are reputable web design Minneapolis agencies that can help out quickly. They’ll iron out the kinks in your proposed design and put together a site that will correctly promote your product or service. 

A credible web design agency will also help you avoid common mistakes that deter your target audience from engaging. They’ll provide design input to ensure that your offered service or product will get the prominence it deserves. b2b web design agency also help layout the structure logically so that the audience will feel comfortable navigating the different widgets. 

Here are a few common website design mistakes that you need to avoid if you’re looking to establish a terrific site that will drive leads to sales and conversions. 

The website takes a long time to load

The host server is one of the most important things to consider if you’re putting up a website. It would be best to find a server that will not let you down when it comes to loading speed. With responsiveness and loading time becoming components of SEO metrics, it’s become even more important for websites to have a fast loading speed. 

One trick is to optimize the images on the home page. Web designers know that they have to scale down on the pictures and videos to ensure a faster time to detract the audience. Another way is to keep all plug-ins and themes updated. 


You must never forget that most of the audience uses mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to access different sites. It means your site must scale down to fit appropriately to these platforms. Your audience must experience accessing your site using a mobile device compared to when they use their laptops. Your design should translate well to all platforms. Otherwise, you’re risking missing out on a lot of traffic. 

Poor design and layout interactivity

Another thing that you have to remember is to ensure that your website will have a great design and layout. You cannot have a website that’s not cohesive in the layout presentation and has distracting elements. 

Develop a layout that will prominently present your product or service without compromising design elements. In addition, make sure that the audience will easily access the different parts of the site, making their experience a good one. A good experience translates to recommendations, leads and a good reputation management

There’s no call to action 

One of the most common lapses in website design is the lack of a strategically displayed call to action (CTA) button. If your website enjoys a lot of traffic, but you’re not converting them properly, the problem may be that there’s no call to action that will steer them in the right direction. Incorporate this element prominently and make sure that your audience understands that this is an option that they have to consider. 

There’s a lack of information 

Your website should present the right amount of information for the target audience. If there’s a mish-mash of contents, then your audience may get turned off because there’s no cohesion. Make sure that your content is relevant and relatable, and easily accessible. It will work wonders for your site. 

Lack of site security

Your site should also present an image that it’s secure from cyberattacks. With people aware that they have to protect their personal information consciously, you have to ensure that your page has enough encryption protocols and updated patches for additional security.


Websites need consistent evaluation and metrics analysis to determine whether they’re engaging their audience correctly. Once they know what aspects need improvement, then they have to make sure that they act accordingly. A good web design can only be achieved after several runs with the target audience and getting their feedback. It is, therefore, crucial to hire a reputable design agency that can help make the necessary adjustments to keep your site ranking higher in search engines. 

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