Why does glamping cost you more than camping?

Even though glamping is a new trend, still people are not opting for it. Mainly because it offers several added facilities, which you will not be as low as you think. However, the cost for glamping depends on the region you choose to visit, and the service providers. The average cost for glamping starts from 50 dollars and then the sky’s the limit. The total estimate would also rely on the services you choose for yourself. 

Before we tell you what services you would get for a glamping experience it is extremely important for you to find the best glamping service providers. In Europe, you can check as they are providing excellent and safe services within an affordable range. 

Why do they charge more for glamping? 

It is pretty obvious, but you must know what services they offer so that you should not feel like someone has done any kind of scam. 

Electricity supply

Unlike when you go camping you will have to take a lot of charged devices with you, in glamping you do not have to load yourself with all the cables, etc. They would either provide you with solar energy, or generators. Thus you can easily charge your mobile phones, remotely work for your offices, and use the internet to stay connected with your family members and friends. It is the best option for travel vloggers and influencers who will have to keep their followers updated. 

Variety of foods 

While you are out glamping, you do not have to cook your food. The service provider will give you three or two meals a day. Thus you can invest your time in different activities. It is the best feature for mothers who have to cater to their kids, and all their time is spent cooking meals. So they do not get time to engage their kids in some necessary camping or scouting activities. 

Comfortable sleep and lodging 

The glamping spots have large tents where you can feel at home. These tents not only have bedding but some armchairs and tables too. So that the visitors can enjoy their time just like would do in a luxury hotel. It is pretty simple, but having a warm place to sleep in would be a fantastic thing when you are away from home and have walked all day. A sound sleep is important to start the next day with the same level of energy. 

No luggage 

For traditional camping, one needs to carry a sleeping bag and all other necessary items. It can make their bags pretty heavy, and they need to take them everywhere they go. Thus it will decrease their efficiency to travel and consume most of their energy. 


The most commonplace for camping is forest, and there would be some wildlife too. It can be a bit risky, or you can lose your way. In such situations, you will need some guide or guards to protect you. the glamping spots have professional guides and guards for their guests so there is nothing to worry about. 

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