Why an Equipment Calibration?

Starting from the definition of Calibration [VIM 2.39]: ( “Operation that, under specified conditions, establishes, in a first stage, a relationship between the values ​​and their associated measurement uncertainties obtained from the measurement standards, and the corresponding indications with its associated uncertainties and, in a second stage, uses this information to establish a relationship that allows a measurement result to be obtained from an indication.”) we see that it divides the calibration into two stages :

In the first stage, the pertinent operations are carried out to obtain the indication error of the calibrated equipment or system, but the calibration does not end there, we also have a second stage in which ” this information is used to establish a relationship that allows obtaining a result of measurement from an indication ”.

This final part of the definition of calibration highlights that calibration does not end once we know the error of indication, it is necessary that, once the error is known, we take the pertinent actions to ensure that when using the newly calibrated equipment or system, the results obtained have traceability.

We must review the results of the calibration and take appropriate actions to ensure that the results of the measurements made with the calibrated equipment have adequate accuracy.

Why is it so important to periodically calibrate equipment?

We carry out the Equipment สอบเทียบเครื่องมือวัด Calibration periodically to be sure that the instruments are measuring correctly, thus we maintain and verify the correct operation of the equipment, responding to the requirements determined by the quality standards and thus guarantee the reliability and traceability of the measurements. Measures.

5 advantages of professionally calibrating industrial scales

With the calibration of industrial scales, we can quantify the error that they present in their operation. In this way, the traceability of the measurements according to the basic units is ensured, and the measurement equipment is adjusted. Due to their characteristics and the environment in which they are used, scales deviate more easily than other equipment.

Calibrating industrial scales in accredited laboratories is the solution because they have the knowledge and procedures established in national and international regulations. Let’s see the advantages of professionally calibrating industrial scales:

Reliable measurements

Calibration ensures the accuracy and repeatability of measurements. It is important to emphasize that the calibration must be periodic, and the interval between each calibration must be determined by experts, who will take into account the probability of a malfunction, among other factors.

Generate a quality product or service

It ensures that the product meets quality standards and thus passes internal or external audits. On the contrary, the error in the weighing leads to a reduction in the quality of the product and financial losses, which reduces the competitiveness of the company.

Save financial and material resources

With the periodic calibration of industrial scales, it is possible to avoid production problems such as rework, product recalls, production interruption, and even reduce material waste.

Detect outdated equipment

Industrial scales deteriorate due to the aging of their components, due to changes in temperature, and due to mechanical stress, and environmental conditions. With calibration, you can detect when the measurement equipment needs to be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

Have a calibration certificate

The calibration report serves to verify the measurement error of the industrial scale, it will also specify the scale readings, and their uncertainties and will include a statement of calibration pass or failure. In Mexico, the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) and the National Metrology Center (CENAM) certify qualified laboratories for the calibration of equipment and the issuance of this report.

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