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Where to Find TikTok Influencers

You might think you can find TikTok influencers by simply opening the app, but it can be difficult to find TikTok influencers that will add real value to your company. You should carefully review the profiles that you find and choose only those with good metrics, high engagement, and who are aligned with your brand.

But where do you find TikTok influencers to follow? Let’s look at an overview of some of the best places to look.

Find hashtags and keywords that are related to your brand

By searching for topics that are related to your brand on TikTok, you can find influencers interested in the same topics. For example, you can search for influencers by plugging “vegan desserts” or “rock climbing” into TikTok’s search bar.

You can then see the creators who have tagged their content with these tags. You might find some influencers that are suitable for your campaign among those profiles. But be sure to carefully analyze any profile you are interested in collaborating with.

Browse through your brand’s own hashtags

Encourage your users to post pictures featuring your products and use your branded hashtags. This not only helps people feel involved in your brand’s conversation, but it can help you identify potential influencers.

Track your branded hashtags to see who is using them. Is there a suitable influencer among these profiles? To be useful to your campaign, influencers do not need to have a ton of followers. An influencer may only have 1,000 followers, but they could be highly authentic and engaged.

Look at your followers, and your competitors’

Who follows your brand on TikTok? There might be influencers who are already trying to get your attention! The best part is that if an influencer is already a fan of your brand, they’re more likely to be willing to collaborate with you.

You could also take a look at who is following your competitors. There might be influencers there who just don’t know about your brand. Introduce yourself and see if they’d be willing to work with you (after you’ve vetted their profile performance, of course).

Subscribe to the influencer discovery tool

An influencer discovery tool allows you to find influencers via a search engine. You can search by location, category, engagement rate, and more. Plus your parameters into the filters, or type in keywords, to find TikTok influencers who match up to what you want.

These tools also offer built-in analytics that allow you to thoroughly assess an influencer’s profile before you make contact with them. You can save time by asking for media kits, and you can contact TikTok influencers confident that they are a good fit to your campaign.

Hire an agency

An agency that specializes in influencer marketing will manage your entire campaign, including the discovery phase. The agency will search for influencers and vet their metrics before circling back to you to make final decisions about whom to work with.

If you want to work with a celebrity influencer or a KOL, this may be the best way to go. Agencies have contacts and will offer you a better possibility of connecting with busy, in-demand influencers who might not otherwise answer your pitches.

An agency’s downside is its price. An agency is the most expensive option, often costing thousands per month. Before you invest in an agency, it is best to ensure that influencer marketing works for your brand.


You can find TikTok influencers to help your business by looking in the right places. It will be a great way to make connections with people who can help you grow your brand or increase your revenue.

Remember to vet influencer profiles before you search for them. This will ensure that they have genuine, engaged followings. If you are not using an agency or an influencer discovery tool, request the media kits and internal metrics from the influencer. And also check their authenticity, engagement rate and audience metrics to ensure they are aligned with your brand’s marketing strategy and goals.

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