Where Can I Get a W9 Form?

More than 160 million people filed their taxes in 2021, with the IRS expecting an even larger uptick in 2022. Those who are looking to file their W9 for the next tax season should always know where to find their forms.

But where can you get your W9 form? Why are these forms so important, and what are some crucial details that you should know about W9?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. If you’ve been asking yourself “where can I get a W9 form?”, read on to find out about everything you need to know.

What Is a Form W9?

It can definitely be confusing to keep track of all of your tax forms, whether it’s your W2 or a W9. To make sure you’re on the right page, let’s first go over what a form W9 is.

A form W9 is primarily targeted at those who own a business, work as an independent contractor, do freelancing work, or are self-employed in some capacity. It’s made to keep track of income for these specific clients.

Those who ask for W9s are usually people responsible for dispensing your income. In most cases, they take your W9 to get the information they need to fill out a Form 1099.

If you’re paying off a mortgage or are getting paid for independent contracting work, you’ll be responsible for handing in a W9. Banks, brokerage firms, and similar institutions need W9 forms in most cases.

Things like your name, address, phone number, and social security are included in your W9. As such, if you conduct any taxable transaction, you’ll be filling out a Form W9.

So Where Can I Get a W9 Form?

If you’re asking yourself “where can I get a W9 form?”, it’s actually more available than you might think.

If you need a physical copy, you might be able to find a post office or even a library that has tax forms ready to fill out. If not, you can go to a printing store and either photocopy a form or get it printed via the internet.

You can also go to the IRS website to electronically download a copy. Those who are filing everything online might find this the easiest option.

So, if you’re asking “where can I get a W9 form from?”, you can get them physically or electronically. The choice is yours.

Similarly, here you will find fillabe W9 form where all the sections are very nicely organized. You can fill and download it with the information specific to your business. Moreover, if you fill it carefully, there is no chance of making a mistake. This is how you can get the W9 form.

When You Should Ask For a W9

If you’re someone who does independent contracting or freelancing of some kind, you’ll probably be asked to provide a W9 before you start working for someone. As such, you’ll need to prepare your form as soon as possible.

When a client doesn’t ask for or process your W9 in time, they’ll have to provide backup withholdings. Since most people want to avoid that, you should have your W9 prepared before you start any work.

For those asking themselves “where can I get a W9 form,” understand that having one ready at all times is advised over anything else.

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