When you should stop playing bingo 

Bingo is one of the most widely played gambling games in the world today, and what’s more is that it is also a favourite in classrooms, care homes, and other traditionally non-gambling places. You can ultimately say what you want about bingo, but there’s no denying that it is probably the most versatile and widely appealing gambling game that can be played right now at

Oh yes, bingo really is extreme amounts of fun, especially considering the remarkable rise of modern day online bingo over the last couple of decades. But here’s the thing: due to its versatile and child-friendly nature, people can often forget about the dangers of playing too much bingo, however in reality it’s just like any other gambling game at root. Keep reading for a few times when you should stop playing bingo. 

Are you repeating bingo number calls under your breath? Time to stop playing bingo 

One of the best things about playing bingo in a bingo hall particularly is the fact that you get to hear the often hilarious world of bingo number calls, as most passionate bingo callers will definitely have a few jokes under their sleeve. Bingo number calls are probably the most memorable things about a standard bingo game, and they can be difficult to forget after you learn them – it’s just like riding a bike! 

Nonetheless, if you find yourself needlessly repeating bingo number calls under your breath whilst doing mundane day-to-day tasks it might be a sign to stop playing bingo for the time being at least. It’s not good for anything to be playing on your subconscious so much, and a small break would do a world of good.  

Have you reached the end of your overdraft and maxed out your credit cards? Time to stop playing bingo 

Bingo, just like any other example of a gambling game, is something that can quickly become devastating on your finances, so it is absolutely crucial that you respect bingo as a game that easily has the potential to bankrupt you. This is especially true in regard to the online bingo world, where you can spend some serious cash on bingo cards without even really realising it. 

Obviously we would hope that it would never come to this, but if you find that your overdraft limit has been hit, and you’ve maxed out your credit card then it is definitely time to stop playing bingo, and quick! 

Are you cutting yourself loose from friends and family in order to play online bingo? Time to stop playing bingo 

Whilst traditional bingo can be a great way to see friends and socialise, one of the unfortunate downsides of online bingo is the fact that it can easily cut you off from your friends and family if you let yourself get too addicted. 

When playing online bingo you really have to make sure you are not prioritising it over socialising, because if you do it’s a slippery slope down to addiction.

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