What You Need to Know About T-part Lace Wigs

In the hair industry, there are many units that you can use to add length and volume to your hair. However, as much as we wish it was, hair extensions are not one-size-fits-all. On the contrary, there are different types of extensions, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the most versatile of these extensions is the T-Part Lace Wig. Due to their popularity, many people want to know what a t-part lace wig is and how it is different from a closure or lace front wigs. Let’s find out everything you need to know about t-part lace wigs.


What is a t-part lace wig?

Strengths of t-part lace wigs

How do they compare to the lace closure and frontal wigs?

What is a t-part lace wig?

Just like any other lace wig, a t part lace wig comes with an invisible lace at the base. However, this particular type of lace wig has been specially cut to include a t-part in the middle of the hairline. That part is called “T-part” because it is similar to the part we usually make when we comb our hair. The parting line starts from the edge of the hairline, runs back a few inches into the head to give that natural and invisible look. The t-part lace wigs can be made of 100% human hair or 100% synthetic fiber.

Strengths of t-part lace wigs


If you are looking for an affordable lace wig option, then the t-part lace wigs would be great way to go. This is because they tend to be cheaper than other lace wigs due to the fact that they include only a small lace section, i.e., the T-shaped area.


One of the most attractive features of the t-part lace wigs is that they come ready to wear which makes them highly convenient. You can therefore put it on straight out of its packaging without little to no customization. This low styling effort makes them ideal for beginners.

Natural Look

The t-shape area usually extends to the hairline area. This helps to achieve a very natural look, just as the one would get from a frontal wig.

How do they compare to the lace closure and frontal wigs?

Parting Space

The main way in which the three types of lace wigs compare is in in terms of the flexibility of the parting space. With a t-shape lace wig, you are limited only to the middle parting that comes with the wig. However, the lace closure and frontal wigs offer more freedom in terms of where you can part your human hair wig.


When it comes to wearing your wig in a way that exposes your hairline, the lace front and t-part lace wigs are ideal as they both include a natural hairline from end to end. The t-part lace wig being more suitable if you want to still keep the parting. The closure wigs on the other hand, only the forehead is covered by the hairline.


The t-part lace wigs have recently been able to attract a lot of attention and they have become a trendy hair option that a lot of people are keen to try. In this blog, we have taken a closer look at t-part lace wigs and some of the things you need to know. Note that even though the parting of a t-part lace wig is fixed, you can still mix it up with different styles suitable for both long and short human hair wigs. We will introduce invisible lace wig in the next blog.

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