What You Need to Consider When Buying a Pipe Bender

Working using pipes as a plumber or an electrician calls for effectiveness and efficiency in work. One would want to ensure perfect and remarkable achievement for work and customer satisfaction. The article herein best describesthe equipment needed, itstypes, how it works, and its significance that ultimately calls for its need.

What is a Pipe Bending Machine?

A bending machine is an equipment used to change the shapes of piping materials, including stainless steel, or copper tubes, to develop different curves and angles. An individual uses the device when one desires to install a pipe in a place that calls for preciseturns. With industrialization and increased machinery work in the country, using a bender to shape tubes is eminent.

Types of Benders

As it aims to provide bends in pipes without causing buckling, there are different types of benders. Classification is dependent on the kind of material it bends and the method of use. They include dual pipe, ergonomic, mini pipe, ratchet, and free-standing benders.

A dual-pipe machine is a manual bender with two handles in which pipes of different materials are bent to different angles, mostly 90degrees.

An ergonomic bender has manual usage with a curved and long handle that enables pipes to curve with less effort up to 180 degrees. It turns 10-15millimeters of pipe.

A mini pipe bending machine makes curves in smaller tubes of 6-10 millimeters in diameter and applies to those which cannot be accommodated by a dual-pipe.

A ratchet bender possesses a lever that enables the pipe to bend inwards up to 90 degrees without human force.

Free-standing benders are the largest and have two standing supports that efficiently bend large and thick pipes made with more robust materials.

How Pipe Benders work

Since benders are used by both professionals and lay, understanding the use of a pipe bender is paramount. Additionally, machine-related mistakes cause harm.

An individual places the pipe between the roller and the former and then pulls the handle/ handles together. This action will force the tube to take the shape of the former. The thickness and type of the bender determine the amount of force exerted.

The Need for Pipe Bending Machines

With rising industrialization and increased plumbing and electrical engineering market, there is a call for improved work in connecting pipes and tubes. Hence, pipe bending is required.

While bending them, precise work that does not lead to collapse and breakage of pipes under pressure is needed. This proficiency calls for the equipment.

Significance of Pipe Bending Equipment

Pipe benders are precise in maintaining the diameters of tubes, thereby eliminating fixtures, lowering production costs, and minimizing flow resistance. This equipment also provides faster production of high quantities of bends.


Understanding what a pipe bending machine is and how it works enables us to appreciate our inevitable need for this equipment. Also, we learn of its work efficiency and effectiveness in production. Hence, an aim to possess and employ one is indispensable. Source

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