What To Know About CBD And Sleep

It is a fact that taking CBD can positively affect people who suffer from insomnia or depression, depending on the type of CBD taken. In addition, it should also be noted that these positive benefits come from compounds within CBD itself, rather than compounds derived from the resin compound known as THC, which is the compound that gives the “high” feeling. There are many studies underway to test the effects of CBD on various medical conditions. As such, for this article, we will focus our attention on two of the more severe side effects associated with CBD: driving and sleep.

CBD And Sleep

CBD may have a relationship to RLS symptoms (rapid eye movement) disorder, better known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be life-threatening because of the decreased quality of oxygen that the brain receives. Those who suffer from sleep apnea may become legally impaired if they drive a car. At the same time, under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, it is understandable that the pharmaceutical companies would not want to develop a medication that would fall under such a domain. Unfortunately, there is no approved cure for RLS at this time, but that does not mean that CBD cannot play some role in treating it. If you take CBD and then take a relaxing bath before going to bed, you may be able to avoid having those morning symptoms. The same effect has been achieved by combining CBD with Valerian root, often used to treat mild anxiety and insomnia. You should note that even though CBD has been found to relieve symptoms of RLS and insomnia, it has not been proven to cure the disorder per se. People who take CBD and see that their symptoms do not disappear should not assume CBD automatically fixes the problem. People must remember that this is still a disease that can only be cured through proper medical treatment. If you want to try CBD then talk to your doctor about the different medications available for the disorder. While this form of therapy is certainly no substitute for prescription drugs, it can help to provide a bit of hope for those who are having difficulty falling asleep during the day. You can also improve your sleep by introducing wedge cushions, comfortable mattresses, and warm blankets in your bed.

What To Know About CBD And Sleep Apnea

  • Sleep apnea is a relatively common condition wherein a person’s breathing becomes abnormally slow during sleep. This can be disturbing for the patient since it causes daytime sleepiness, drowsiness, and irritability. One of the most suggested means of treating sleep apnea is through continuous positive airway pressure or more popularly known as C PAP. This machine uses a tube connected to a device that creates an airstream in front of the patient. This is said to be a breakthrough in treating sleep apnea because it helps increase the airflow two-fold. First, it prevents the collapse of the airway, as generally occurs with decreased airflow. Second, it also ensures that the air stream maintained by the machine is oxygenated. Patients who have undergone this procedure have been shown to experience significant improvement in their sleep apnea problems.

  • CBD and sleep apnea may also pertain to another prevalent condition called Narcolepsy. It is a neurological disorder where patients suddenly find themselves unable to control their bodies’ sudden movement. This can cause them to fall asleep anywhere and for seemingly no reason at all. Many people also describe having these sudden flashes of awareness during their waking moments.

  • While there are many medications available for sleep apnea patients, none of them can provide total relief. These medications can suppress the body’s secretion of certain chemicals known to trigger sleep in some instances. Prolonged use of these drugs leads to more adverse side effects. Some of these drugs also have the potential of inducing seizures in the patient. It is wise to go for natural treatments instead of turning to expensive medications for treatment.

Risks Involved With CBD And Its Use

The main side effect of this plant, according to experts, is that it can cause hallucinations. CBD is a psychoactive substance, so it can react with other substances present in the patient’s body and produce undesirable side effects. Because of this, CBD is strictly regulated in the US and must be administered by qualified doctors only.

Even though CBD can produce side effects and have adverse side effects, it remains one of the most popular alternative medicines used in treating sleep apnea problems. Several patients have been successfully treated using this plant. So, what to know about CBD and sleep apnea does not have much to do with its adverse side effects. It is more beneficial to the health and safety of an individual when taken in conjunction with conventional medication.

The symptoms of sleep apnea are reasonably typical. These include daytime sleepiness, decreased energy levels, loud snoring, headache, poor memory function, irritability, and stress. However, there are several cases wherein these symptoms are alleviated or eliminated when the person takes regular doses of CBD. In most cases, these people have no risk of developing any of these conditions. Instead, they create relief from all the symptoms and are able to sleep peacefully at night. Try some simple methods like using essential oils, proper mattresses, and also proper comforters for sleeping correctly at night. Both duvets and comforters are ideal for having a comfy sleep, but still, you can compare between the duvet sizes vs. comforter sizes and see which works for you.


Now you know what CBD and sleep apnea is, you might be wondering if this is the proper treatment for you. If you are experiencing these symptoms for long enough, then the answer to this question is definitely “yes.” Sleep apnea is a condition that can cause severe physical and mental complications to a person. This can lead to accidents and even death. Therefore, taking regular doses of CBD should be considered one of the safest and best options for people with sleep apnea.

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