What Is The Market Cap Of Crypto Currency? KuCoin’s Informative Guide

The platform Kucoin was launched in July 2017, and it’s quickly become a favorite among traders worldwide. That’s because it has a smooth interface that makes finding the best prices on any Altcoin exchange straightforward. In addition, its robust security features ensure that all your funds are kept safe at all times.

What Is Crypto Market Cap?

It’s a useful way to measure the size of the cryptocurrency market and its overall health. Crypto market cap is calculated by multiplying a cryptocurrency’s price with its total supply. For example, if Bitcoin has a current price of USD 15,000 and has a total supply of 21 million coins, its crypto market cap would be $1.5 billion (15,000 x 21).

KuCoin’s Informative Guide

It’s calculated by taking the total number of coins in circulation and dividing it by the current price for each coin. The result is a number that tells us how many dollars’ worth of crypto we’ve accumulated for every dollar we’re willing to pay for crypto right now—how much money we’re willing to spend on crypto right now.

For example: if you have $100 in your wallet and want to buy $1 worth of Bitcoin (BTC/USDT) or Ethereum (ETH), your total cost will be $100 * 1 BTC = $1. You’ll also need to pay transaction fees if you want your transaction processed quickly enough so that it doesn’t get stuck in limbo while waiting on confirmations from miners or other nodes in the network

This value is calculated by multiplying the price of each coin times its quantity. If a coin has 1 billion coins, its market cap will be 1 billion x $1 = $1 billion

Where Does The Crypto Market Cap Come From?

It is additionally one of the most crucial measures. Used to track the health of a cryptocurrency. If cryptocurrency prices go up, people buy more of them, and if it goes down, fewer people buy more.


Usd Coin (USDC price) is a decentralized stablecoin backed by US dollars, so it’s not volatile like many other cryptos on this list. It has low transaction fees and fast confirmations, but its value is still based on fiat currencies like USD or EURO, so there’s no guarantee that your investment will rise or fall with the market at any given time.

Crypto Market Cap And Trading Volume

Crypto trading volume refers to how much money has been invested in the crypto market over a given period. One thing remains constant – demand always outstrips supply at any given moment in time. It is therefore important for investors to track crypto market caps and trading volumes to make informed decisions.


KuCoin offers users a lot of different features, including social trading with other users on their platform; chat rooms where they can talk with other people while they’re buying or selling coins; versatile applications accessible on the two iOS and Android stages; risk the board apparatuses, for example, stop-misfortune orders Crypto market cap is determined by duplicating the number of coins in existence by their current exchange rate.

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