what is the cause of cystic acne

Believe that having a clear face without acne is the desire of almost everyone. Especially those who have recurring acne problems, clogged acne, pimples, pimples, which can be caused by many reasons and many factors. Both heredity, hormones, behavior, if the acne problem is not corrected Cure clogged acne by yourself and it won’t go away. There will be repeated acne problems, causing the face to have acne scars and dark spots, which is a troubling problem for many people.

In this article, the doctor will explain the causes of acne. Characteristics of clogged acne, treatment, prevention methods, proper care for yourself. In order not to have acne problems come back to bother you.

What is clogged acne?

Acne is the most common acne. caused by the capture of residues under the skin acne without inflammation but a blister on the skin Makes the face look uneven. It is most common on the forehead, chin and cheeks and often takes a long time to heal. After healing until it is healed, it can come back again.

Characteristics of cystic acne

Comedones: Most comedones are clearly visible blisters, hard, kidney-like bumps on the skin surface, and may appear as small pustules, causing redness or irritation on the skin of the face. some types of cystic acne If not promptly treated It can develop into inflammatory acne if it becomes infected.

Causes of clogged acne

Clogged acne is caused by excess fat under the skin layer. Because the sebaceous glands make too much oil. There is residual in the pores and clumps together with dead skin cells. or dirt that is left in the pores Including other causes that are factors that cause acne breakouts, including:

– Eating too much starch, fat, oil, and sugar.

– Behaviors that cause irritation on the skin, such as scrubbing the face, squeezing acne, chemical peeling or laser

– Very hot weather causes the sebaceous glands to produce too much oil.

– Pollution in daily life such as dust, dust, smoke

– Using shampoo products and allergic reactions to chemicals

– Changes in the hormone testosterone that work too much.

– Skin hyperemia in the pre-menstrual period

– Smoking increases the likelihood of developing acne breakouts.

– Use makeup and wash your face uncleanly. There is dirt left

– Stress causes hormonal changes.

How many types of cystic acne are there?

1. Blackheads or open comedones

Blackheads or open comedone are bulging bumps. with a black head in the middle caused by a group of dead skin cells clogging of hair, tissue and sebum inside the hair follicle can be squeezed out or pressed out from under the skin but may cause inflammation and acne scars

2. Whiteheads or closed comedones

Whiteheads or closed comedones are small blisters. It is visible as a white dot and has no openings. These types of acne roots are deeper and harder to treat than blackheads. If you do not hurry to treat clogged acne, head off. The granules will be larger. There is a chance of infection and developing inflammatory acne.

3. Acne clogged without head

clogged acne without a head (Microcomedone) will not be visible to the naked eye. naturally occurring From the hormone androgen (Androgen) is more common among teenagers. Acne without a head will disappear naturally. But if there is inflammation It can develop into other types of acne.

Where can clogged acne occur?

– Acne on the forehead

Acne on the forehead is most common Because the forehead is in the T-Zone area, which has a lot of sebaceous glands. Therefore, more oil is produced on the skin than other areas. Makes the forehead a spot where acne is prone. especially those with combination skin Including clogging of various dirt and hair care, hats and headdress that are not clean. It is a factor that can cause acne on the forehead.

– clogged acne on the chin

clogged acne on the chin is another common point and often has recurring acne problems. The clogged acne on the chin will look like a clear head, a hard lump. If there is a clogged acne on the chin that is not very deep, it can be pressed out. and should press acne with a specialist Because the chin is the point where acne is pressed and scars are very easy if pressed incorrectly.

– clogged acne on the cheek

clogged acne on the cheek Usually caused by dirt that accumulates on the face, such as using makeup or skin care that causes clogging, using unclean brushes, puffs or makeup sponges. rarely change pillowcases wearing a mask or caused by allergic reactions to various chemicals

– clogged acne on the back

clogged acne on the back Caused by clogging of pores, bacteria, oiliness, dead skin cells. It can also be caused by sweating. When wearing clothes that are too tight, hot weather, sweat in the shirt causes piles to accumulate. And acne on the back can also cause other causes, such as hormones, heredity.

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