Fat grafting means removing fat from an unwanted area and moving it wherever you want.

Most patients decide to undergo breast augmentation or fat grafting after a recent weight loss which has caused their breast volume to become loose. Some may have had breast cancer, and need to reshape their breasts. These problems can be corrected.

Improving the general appearance of such patients is a better choice.


The fat transfer breast augmentation process uses fat extracted from the parts of the body where there is unnecessary fat.

First, the surgeon will extract the fat by liposuction. After extracting the fat from the donor area, it will be processed in order to purify the fat. The surgeon will then inject this pure fat inside the breast in order to enhance its shape.


  • This process is useful, famous, and safe.
  • The shape of the body looks better after that process.
  • It is a secure method.
  • That process is good because you get rid of unnecessary fat.


The condition can range from mild to severe. A woman may consult a doctor for tubular breast or breast balancing. Tubular breasts are common in both men and women.

Some additional names of Tubular Breast:

  • Conical breasts
  • Constricted breasts
  • Domen nipple
  • Lower pole hypoplasia
  • Snoopy breast


Tubular breasts are caused by connective tissue malformation and occur in puberty. Breasts can be in any tubular shape.


The breast tissue is not round but cylindrical. The breasts have the same shape from beginning to end.

Often, the areola is larger than usual. It happens when there is nipple areola atrophy.


Many patients do not seek medical treatment for the condition.

However, there are several ways to correct the appearance of tubular breasts temporarily or permanently.

For example, a woman may insert extra padding in her bra to make the appearance of breasts more symmetrical. For a permanent solution, plastic surgeons can correct the tubular appearance of the breasts surgically.

Doctor Rees and Auston were the first to describe tubular breasts in 1976. Some researchers are still baffled as to what causes the disease.

Doctors have yet to confirm a genetic relationship between tubular breast and cancer.

There is no proof that if one’s parent or close relatives have tubular breasts, a person is likely to develop the same condition.

Women may experience worry and anxiety as a result of their tubular breasts.

Doctors have been developing and improving surgical treatments for tubular breasts since 1976.

Many people do not seek medical treatment for tubular breasts because they do not want to hazard their general health.

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