What is Asian Handicapping?

If you’ve ever wanted to place a bet on a football game, you’ve probably heard of Asian handicap betting. This type of betting involves handicapping teams based on their form and strength. In essence, the stronger team must win by a higher margin than the weaker one to win. Asian handicap betting originated in Indonesia, and has gained a great deal of popularity since the early 21st century. Like spread betting, it involves placing bets on various teams in a certain league.


Asian handicap betting is a popular bet among punters due to its heightened odds. A bet on the team with a 0.5-goal advantage is a sure win if that team scores a goal in the first half. If the team loses by half a goal, the bet is a loss, and vice versa. The difference in odds is obvious, but the rewards are also quite high.

One advantage of Asian handicap w88 가입 (w88 register) betting is that it reduces the amount of variance in soccer and basketball games. When a strong team scores one goal, the underdog gets a -0.25-goal advantage. This is a great option for those who prefer security over risk. If you prefer more betting possibilities, however, European handicapping is better for you. Here are some of the benefits of Asian handicap betting:


If you have ever placed a bet on an Asian handicap game, you probably know how much money you can lose. When you bet on a team with an Asian handicap, you are essentially betting on how many goals they will score during the match. This makes them much more vulnerable to upsets than you might be, but it also means that you will be rewarded for your patience. As with any other bet, you will get your money back if they lose.

When you bet on sports games, you should consider betting on Asian handicap 0.75 because it gives you the flexibility to split your bets and increase your chances of winning. When you bet on Asian handicap 0.75, you can also win if the team with the advantage loses the game. There are plenty of trading opportunities in this bet type, and you can make a great amount of money if you place your bet right.


Often referred to as “Asian handicapping”, this w88 dashboard betting style involves backing the underdogs. Using this handicapping system makes sporting contests more evenly matched as both teams have the same chance of winning. Let’s say that Manchester United are strong favorites to beat Carrington Stanley. Then, you can back Manchester United at a -2.5 handicap, or Carrington Stanley at +3.5. This handicapping system can offer you some decent rewards, depending on your betting style.

The half goal line is another feature of this Asian handicap betting system. A team allocated +1.50 gets a half-goal start. If their team scores at least one goal, they are a winner. If the team scores more than two goals, it is a draw. The same is true for a team that has a -1. This betting strategy allows you to win if your team scores at least one goal in a game, while the other team must score at least two goals to win.


If you have a feeling your team will lose, try Asian handicap betting with a negative half-line. The team with the smaller handicap starts with a deficit of 1.5 goals. The team has to win by a certain amount to be a winner, so bettors must expect to lose by at least two goals. Then again, bettors can bet on teams that have an advantage of at least two goals.

The first type of Asian handicap betting is called the “split” or “double” handicap. In this type of betting, the stake is split between two separate bets. If the selection wins by two goals, you win, otherwise, you lose your stake. In the reverse situation, the selection loses the bet. In a match with no handicap, the bettors are given two odds – the odds are one goal higher or lower than the total score.


Unlike most bets, Asian handicapping isn’t simply about picking a team to win; it’s also about betting on the margin of victory. While this may seem like a big difference, it also provides more nuanced information. For example, if Barcelona is favored by five goals, they may make substitutions at halftime and a certain player might be out of form. However, if you’re comfortable with a small margin of error, Asian handicap betting can give you a decent reward.


One of the advantages of Asian handicap betting is that it eliminates the possibility of a draw. This is because half-goal handicaps are impossible to achieve in real football games. As such, Asian handicap betting is popular in Asian markets. Asian handicap betting is often associated with Indonesia, where the term “Asian” is derived. It can be an interesting alternative to the straight-up bets most people are used to.

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