The impact wrench, also known as the unbolt wrench, is a tool for screwing or unscrewing the bolts fixing the wheels of a car. In motorsport, the electric impact wrench is used much more often for loosening than for tightening.

Example of an impact wrench:

Indeed, for tightening it can be used for a first screwing in order to save time but the ideal being to finish with a torque wrench in order to obtain a precise and balanced tightening.


One of the advantages of the electric shock wrench is that it saves valuable time. When changing tires during a car race, time is of the essence. The impact wrench allows a wheel to be removed quickly without wasting too much time.

The second advantage is that it simplifies the operations of the mechanic. It allows less fatigue in comparison with the use of a basic key. In addition, it happens that certain bolts are seized or oxidized making their handling very difficult or almost impossible. Sometimes the studs may have been sheared depending on the stresses they have undergone; manual release turns out to be impossible, hence the need to have an electric unbolt on hand!

For use in high-level motor racing, there are also pneumatic impact wrenches. They do not have a battery so do not need to be recharged regularly like the electric ones. These will have a much more professional use.

There is an impact wrench for every type of use: more leisure or more competition. Several brands of impact wrenches like exist on the market and there is bound to be one that will suit you! We recommend the brand that you will find on our site.

Pneumatic impact wrench (wrench)

The impact wrench, sometimes called a “screwdriver” or “unbolted”, is a tightening and loosening tool widely used by both professionals and home do-it-yourselfers. Mainly used in its pneumatic version, the impact wrench has a partially different operation from that of a drill-driver, which allows its remarkable efficiency for powerful and / or intensive bolting.

What is a pneumatic impact air wrench? What are the characteristics of a compressed air impact wrench, its advantages and disadvantages? How to choose and at what price to buy a pneumatic impact wrench? The point now


Pneumatic impact wrench: principle

The impact wrench is that weird and noisy tool that we most often know from the mechanic who uses it to easily unbolt the wheel nuts that we could not unscrew. While human action or that of the screwdriver impresses a continuous torque to drive the screw head, nut or bolt in rotation, the impact wrench inflicts multiple impacts on it in the chosen direction of rotation. Once, the part released by repeated shaking, the impact wrench no longer having to fight blocking, acts continuously to finish unscrewing or fully screwing the assembly.

Features of Air Impact Wrench

Key composition

To be able to inflict shocks in the direction of rotation, and then turn in screwing and unscrewing, the impact wrench is composed of striking tools and a rotation rotor:

The rotation rotor: it is a piece of steel machined with fins in order to be driven in rotation by the passage of compressed air supplied by a compressor, to which the impact wrench is connected by an air pipe. The rotor acts continuously as soon as the handle of the impact wrench is actuated, and its action will add to or replace the strike.

The impactor: it is a kind of piston, which is pushed by the compressed air pressure at the outlet of the rotating rotor. When the rotor cannot turn because the part is blocked, the compressed air passes directly into the impactor which, when reaching the end of its stroke, opens a lumen (orifice) through which the compressed air escapes.

The spring: compressed by the stroke of the piston, the spring expands as soon as the compressed air pressure has escaped through the light opened by the piston. The spring then returns the piston to the starting position for a new pulse.

The anvil: it is the lower part that receives the shock at the end of the piston stroke and which transmits the kinetic energy received to the tool-holder square of the impact wrench.

Choosing and buying a pneumatic impact wrench

Choice criteria

The choice of a compressed air impact wrench is made according to two essential criteria: the air supply and the tools that can be used:

Air consumption: depending on its power, each impact wrench requires a certain pressure and certain airflow to be able to function at best. Before purchasing, make sure that the impact wrench (or compressor) is sized to work together.

Tools: as a general rule, the pneumatic impact wrench is fitted with a male square on which the sockets and bits adapted in size and profile to the part to be tightened and loosened are fixed. The sizes of the square of the wrench and the bits are expressed either in millimeters (mm) or in fractions of an inch (inch: 1/2 ”, 3/8 ”….). Visit on where you will get various varieties of tools in low prices. Indeed you will inspire from their service and recommends others.

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