What do you need to pay attention to when studying in Australia?

Australia has an excellent climate, beautiful scenery, and kangaroos and koalas. It is an ideal place for many international students to study. However, for international students, Australia is an unfamiliar country after all, so there are some points that need special attention when living there.

1. Studying in Australia and working in Australia shall not exceed 20 hours a week

International students studying in Australia have the opportunity to do part-time jobs. The condition is that you cannot work more than 20 hours a week during your study period. If you fail to comply with this rule and are discovered, your Australian student visa will be cancelled. But during the holidays, you can do full-time job. It should be noted that the 20-hour work limit does not include the internship time stipulated by the course. The internship unit must be a registered, relevant course partner institution.

2. If studying in Australia is suspended, it must be approved by the educational institution

If a student encounters urgent and irresistible reasons while studying in Australia and needs to be temporarily suspended, he must first obtain the consent of the educational institution. However, the suspension can be suspended only in very rare circumstances. This needs to be defined by the institution where the student is located. If the suspension is not due to irresistible reasons, the Immigration Bureau will cancel the student’s visa.

While studying in Australia, international students should pay attention to the expiration date on the visa. You must allow sufficient time to apply for the new visa before the visa expires. There are two ways to apply for a new student visa, one is to apply online, and the other is to submit the information to the nearest immigration office.

3. Self-protection is very important

As an international student, it is recommended that students try not to reveal their wealth or show their wealth in the early stages of studying in Australia, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

4. Studying in Australia must adhere to your mission and responsibility of studying abroad – study

The overseas study experience will be a lifetime treasure, leaving a unique memory for you, so you must cherish the opportunity to study in Australia. In addition, Australia’s teaching methods and learning arrangements require students to have a high degree of autonomy, so you should consciously study and consolidate knowledge after class, and always keep in mind your mission and responsibility for studying abroad – study.

5. Plan your study time reasonably while studying in Australia

While studying in Australia, you have to plan your study time reasonably.  If you’re looking for a home to rent in Melbourne or wherever you are studying, try to find one close to your school. you can turn to some experienced people. Many students who have successfully graduated from local colleges and universities have their own unique learning experience. It is recommended that you learn from them frequently in the early stages of learning. At present, many Australian colleges and universities have established institutions that specialize in providing assistance to international students in various aspects. Many teachers will give opinions and suggestions from the perspective of students.

These are the things you need to pay attention to when studying in Australia. This is a rare and precious opportunity, so you have to seize it and use this experience to add a rich touch to your life.

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