What Are the Ideal Questions to Ask A Bankruptcy Attorney In Las Vegas? 

Hiring a lawyer is a crucial decision that will have rippling effects not only on your business prospects. Many times, it happens that the lawyer, owing to lack of knowledge and skill, leads to disastrous choices. Thus, it becomes imperative that you tread with caution while choosing the lawyer. 

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How to choose the best attorney for bankruptcy?

Among the cornucopia of bankruptcy attorneys, you must choose the one that has the most knowledge in the subject matter. This can be ascertained by asking the following questions:

1. Should I file for chapter 7 or chapter 13? – these are the two fundamental types of bankruptcies. In chapter 7, the trustee must be allowed to take any property which you own and is not exempted under the state or federal exemption. In chapter 13, there is no requirement to give any property. However, you must embark on a three- or five-year repayment plan to pay back some or all of the debts. 

2. What are the fees that must be paid? – This is a very crucial question to ask an attorney. Currently, the courts charge $338 for filing under chapter 7 and $ 313 for filing under chapter 13. An additional cost for administrative purposes is also required to be paid. The attorney must know what all is covered in the fees. 

3. When will the case be filed? – the estimation of when the case will be filed can be drawn depending on the type of bankruptcy. In chapter 7, the case will be filed shortly after the entire retainer amount is paid because chapter 7 requires full payment to negate the possibility of an uncollectible balance. 

In contrast to chapter 7, the chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to pay less than the agreed amount initially and then the rest of the amount can be paid by a repayment plan. 


The subject of bankruptcy is very typical. You ought to choose the bankruptcy attorney very carefully. 

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