What Are the Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

There are nearly 5 million programmers in the USA alone, and for a good reason. Programming is one of the most in-demand, rewarding, and satisfying jobs you can get in the 21st century. In our computer-driven world, the people who make the computers run are king.

So how do you get into this fascinating and lucrative field and become the best computer programmer you can be? Why, you learn the best programming languages around, of course. You just have to learn what those are first.

And lucky for you, we’re here to tell you exactly what they are.


Python is an excellent first choice to learn for a budding programming expert because of its readability, openness, and how common it is. Python is a totally free and open-source language that, most important for learners, has a massive community built up around it, ready to help out with any queries or problems a student might run into.

Python is used in a wide range of different computing applications, so once a smart techie has learned it after enrolling with a Python course, they can apply it in many different scenarios. It’s a great choice for a first language!


Are you app-crazy and Apple-crazy? Swift is for you. Apple announced Swift in 2014 as a unified programming language that developers can use to work on iOS and macOS app development.

So if you’re keen on developing apps and programs for Apple’s ever-widening range of hardware products from the Mac, to the iPhone, to the Apple TV, to the Apple Watch, then Swift is a no-brainer as a language to learn on your way to becoming the best coder you can be.


Pronounced C-sharp, this language was built by Microsoft as one part of its wider .NET framework and is a great choice for programmers wanting to build apps for Windows. If you want to make apps for the most ubiquitous desktop operating system around, C# is an excellent choice.


Beloved by established programmers, Rust is the youngest language on this list but also one of the most popular. It was developed by Mozilla, or Firefox browser fame, for use in low-level programming. It’s a brave one for a first-time programmer to pick, but it’s becoming so popular among programmers across the world that you’re almost certainly going to have to learn it eventually!

The Best Programming Languages Are the Ones You Enjoy

So there you have our list of the best programming languages for a programming newbie to get into in 2021. Even if you’re not a total computing neophyte, these languages are fun and useful to learn entirely on your own terms.

So even if you’re already the best programmer in the world, we hope you got something valuable from this list!

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