Water Pumps maintenance Tips

Anyone who knows the impact of a  water pump in a dry season will never live without one.

The cheapest water pump price ranges from four thousand to nine thousand depending on the type of the pump. This is quite affordable for anyone who knows the value of it. The causes of failure depends on how you handle and maintain the item. Here are the causes and management tips of a water pump.


Any collision is hard to detect unless there is a leakage somewhere in the pump and repair needs to be done. It happens when water gets to the fluid in the coolant fails to be maintained appropriately. The water pump is easily eaten away by collision. This can be prevented by ensuring proper check up and proper maintenance.

A poor seal

This is the seal between engine block and the housing that keeps the coolant from leaking outside the pump, as well as preventing any air from getting through the

coolant.Its failure can be caused by lack of proper installation and if the machine goes for weeks without being operated. It is advisable to to make the machine active at least once a week to prevent any air and water from getting in hence preventing the seal from failing totally.

Belt that’s broken

The belt that pulls the pulley can become broken or loose and this causes the machine not to function properly or even fail to function completely. The belt should be tightened always when using the machine. This will not be catastrophic when you are pumping the water as a result of broken loose belt.

Unsuitable pump

The pump can be unsuitable if it is incompatible or if there is presence of abrasives and dust particles that contaminate the seal. This leads to premature water pumping which can also lead to total failure hence poor results. This is solved by emptying all the water off the coolant circuit and flushing it off completely.

Most of these problems are as a result of poor maintenance and storage. Ensure that you occasionally flush and empty all the water from the cooling system in the water pump since it is the main cause of the other problems.

Water pumps prices in Kenya vary from one market place to another. They may also depend on the brand’s quality and the type of the water pump( whether it is electric, petrol powered generator or diesel powered engine), therefore one can choose the best.


To sum it all,  a water pump is very important to a farmer. water pumps have problems which are so many. In fact, most of these problems are associated with the parts of the pump if each part isn’t taken care of. The good thing is that, almost every problem has a solution. Solving the faults is by making sure that each part is handled carefully and correctly and the guide manual is followed strictly. Correct the problems immediately they occur to prevent further damage which will raise the cost of repair. For more, check

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