Voodoo spells to bring a lover back

Traditionally, voodoo spells to bring a lover back are cast using two magic items, specifically a voodoo doll and a gris-gris. In this article we’ll tell you about two voodoo rituals, how to use these items in them, as well as how to make them yourself. We will try to be brief and to the point. We’ll also tell you about the role played by lunar cycles and weekdays in magic. For example, all voodoo rituals intended to bring two lovers back together (whether their love was platonic or sexual) should be performed only when the moon is waxing. If it’s currently not, wait until it starts waxing. As for the weekdays, the best days for voodoo magic are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The weekday is also chosen based on the lover’s age: Tuesday works best for lovers under 35 years of age: Wednesday is great for lovers aged 35 to 50; and Friday is used for lovers over 50 years of age.​

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How to bring back a lover through voodoo

The easiest spell to bring back a lover through voodoo is cast with a gris-gris. Unlike the voodoo doll which we’ll talk about later, gris-gris are available for purchase. However, don’t buy gris-gris at esoteric stores because such items usually have a neutral energy charge. They’re still authentic esoteric products, yet charging them is a very difficult and energy-consuming process. So the best way to get a gris-gris is to buy one from a professional spellcaster. Many professional spellcasters not only cast spells but also produce and sell magical items. When you buy a gris-gris from a spellcaster, you can ask him to charge your gris-gris the way you need for a less energy-consuming and more effective spell.

Alternatively, you can make a gris-gris yourself using an old and unwashed item of clothing of your lover and your item of clothing you’ve been wearing for at least three days without washing. Put the items together, flatten them out, and put your hand on it. Draw an outline with a piece of chalk. Don’t use markers or felt pens as they leave marks. Cut the outline out and sew the two parts together to make what looks like a wallet. Leave one side unsewn to put items through inside your gris-gris. Make a few holes and pass a lace through them. As a result, you’ll get what looks like a medieval wallet, but in fact it’s a very powerful item to help you cast an effective voodoo spell to bring back a lover.

Now you need a blue and a red candle. The red candle represents you and the blue one represents your lover. Let one fourth of the candles burn, cut the burned fuse off, and mix it with a drop of wax. As a result, you’ll have two wax pieces – dark blue and dark red. Draw the first letter of the name of your lover on the side of the bag made of your item of clothing with some red wax and the first letter of your name of the other side. If your lover has a double name, still write the first letter as per his identification documents.​

A voodoo spell to bring back a lover

To cast this voodoo spell to bring back a lover, you need to charge your gris-gris. To this end you need seven memorable items reminding you about some happy times you shared, such as movie tickets, lighters, small gifts, jewelry, etc. Put the items in the gris-gris to charge it with the energy of your happiness. To show the gris-gris you’re in charge and you’re the one to control its energies, add two of your nail clippings, three hairs, and two napkins (one used to wipe your mouth and the other one used to wipe your genitals, yet the latter is done only if you broke up for any reason other than infidelity).

Now you need a picture showing you and your lover together. Light its corners by placing the picture above the candles. Two corners located across from each other should be lit with the blue candle and the other two should be lit with the red candle. Strange as it may seem, now you should tear the picture into pieces of about the same size. Wrap them in paper and put it in the gris-gris. Tie the gris-gris up tightly and put it in your pocket. After that carry it with you in one of your pockets for one week. No matter what you’re wearing and where you’re going, such as to work, the gym or a store, the bag should always be in your pocket.

The seventh day should correspond to the lunar cycle. In the evening light the candles. Take a sheet of paper and apply some honey to it generously. Take the picture pieces out and put them in front of yourself. Now you need to put the pieces together like a puzzle by putting them on the sheet of paper. The honey will work like glue. With every piece you put, say:

“There is nothing that can’t be fixed. Even death isn’t the end. Our relationship hasn’t ended either. It’s still not dead. It hasn’t died in a fire, hasn’t drowned, and hasn’t died in a rockslide. We’re just taking a break. But it’s in my power to revive it, to make it warmer and stronger than ever before. This is what I (your name) am doing right now, trying to get you (your lover’s name) back.”

When you finish, blow the candles out and put the picture away. Then wait for about one week. If your lover doesn’t get in touch with you within 9 days, visit him with your gris-gris in your pocket containing all those items you put into it at the beginning of this ritual. In most cases the partners reunite after this visit. What happens afterwards is up to you, so instead of making assumptions, we’d like to tell you how to bring back a lover through voodoo using a voodoo doll.​

How to voodoo a man to come back to you

If you want to know how to voodoo a man to come back to you easily, use a voodoo doll you can make yourself. To perform this ritual, you need to make not one but two voodoo dolls. One doll will symbolize you and the other one will symbolize your loved one. To begin with, cut off two twigs looking like human bodies as drawn by children of a tree that stands alone. Such twigs are easy to find.

Apart from standing alone, the tree should also meet the following requirements:

  • It should be a broadleaved tree;
  • It should have no thorns, like acacia, for example;
  • It should be a healthy tree;
  • It should be located away from people and houses;
  • It should be located away from freeways and cemeteries;
  • It should be located away from campsites or dumpsites;
  • The body should have no cuts;
  • The twigs should grow low enough so you could cut them off with your feet on the ground.

Use a stainless steel knife to cut the twigs off. As soon as you’re done, wrap each twig into a handkerchief and put it in the pocket. Go home. Note that if your lover is significantly taller than you, the twig representing him should be bigger, too. If one of you is skinnier than the other, use one thin twig and one thick twig.

Put the table in the middle of the room, put twenty four candles around it, and light them. Take a worn item of clothing of your loved one and cut it into narrow rectangular pieces. Wind them around the twig as if to get it dressed. Use some wax to attach some hairs. Naturally, these should be hairs from your loved one’s scalp. If your lover has a beard, make a beard, too.

Make your doll in a similar manner using your clothes and your hair.

Put two pictures on the table – one picture of you and one picture of your loved one. Put his doll on your picture and your doll on his picture. Wait for an hour to let the dolls absorb enough energy. Then put the dolls together and tie them together with a golden chain, saying:

“The golden chain has tied us together. Because I (your name) can’t live without you. Because now you (your lover’s name) can’t live without me, either. Since we can’t live without each other, let’s be together.”

Fill a bowl with water, put it on the oven, pick up all the candles, and put them in the bowl. Remove the fuses. When the wax hardens, make a bowl and put the dolls tied up with the chain into it. By the way, you can buy a chain at any jewelry store. Now put everything away.

It’s one of the easiest voodoo spells to bring a lover back. It allows the caster to reunite with their lover within just a few days. Unfortunately, not all casters manage to get satisfying results. So while preparing for this ritual, find contact information of a professional magic practitioner. If your spell fails, just contact him and let him perform the ritual he thinks is right for you to get your lover back and make him love you as much as before. So don’t worry if your home magic doesn’t help you. There’re magic practitioners out there who always will.

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