Use of Kokoto in Kenya During Construction

Crushed stone is a construction material produced by mining suitable rock deposits and breaking them down into small desired sizes. This article will discuss the basic knowledge you may need about the Crushed Stone.

Just from the name, a crushed stone is a material obtained from crushing mined rocks using a crusher. It is mainly used in construction. Some common rocks processed into crushed stone are Granite, limestone, and Dolomite.

Importance of Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is a precious resource and one of the significant revenue-producing industries in Kenya. So you may be asking yourself how it creates that much income even though it is cheap. Well, the transportation costs of this material are relatively high. Since it is one of the major options in construction, you can now see how it affects the country’s economy.

What are the types of Crushed stones available?

When producing rock sand nairobi, there are always different sizes depending on the uses of the material. For instance, crushed stone used in the construction of tarmac is not the same size as the one used in landscaping.

Uses of Crushed Stone

Road Construction

Tarmac roads are essential to the country’s economy since they are smooth and easy to use; therefore, transportation of people and goods is swift, easy, and more effective. Considering that, the country champions the construction of this road, and the raw material used is crushed stone. It is used in making asphalt and driveway extensions.

It also comes in handy in the construction of sidewalks. Constructors sometimes use crushed stones, known as kokoto, to create an appealing look.

Building and Construction

When constructing your house or a commercial building, crushed stone is the perfect option for the foundation and even floors for storey buildings. They are also helpful in making patios for your home compound.


Crushed stones are also handy for purposes of landscaping. As a homeowner, you can also use it to add a little texture to your lawn. For example, as a pathway or if you have a fountain, it can add an extra eye-catchy look.

For Rip-rap

The crushed stone is also used to protect shorelines from erosion, especially during high waves.

Railroad track Ballast

It is also one of the common uses of crushed stone. It is the most preferred because it is strong and can handle pressure from heavy cargo trains. It also has good drainage and no chemical reaction to the metal plates. Another plus is they can stay intact for an extended time.

In Chicken feed

The crushed stone is further ground into small particles and put into the chicken feed, which helps provide minerals to the poultry diet.


Crushed stone is an essential commodity today, as you can see above. It is vital in the construction, animal feeding, and even the construction of both roads and railway tracks. You have also noticed that it can be used in decorating your homestead. Remember that the crushed stone varies depending on its use, so you must consider it when purchasing.

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