Use a reverse phone lookup tool to uncover the truth:

You have a phone number, but you don’t know who the owner is. You are not sure if it is a friend or a business contact so you go online to find out more. You’re not the only one using this tactic. Every day people are finding out more about the people that they have just met or are doing business with. And they are using reverse phone lookup tools to get the information.The true identity of a person is revealed when you do a reverse phone lookup. It will show you the name, address and other details about the person. With this information, you can know that a person is not being truthful about their information. You can lookup a cell phone number with the help of which will provide you accurate results.This is very important for a number of businesses and for the general public. For instance, a private detective or an investigative journalist can use a reverse phone lookup tool to find out more about a person and gather evidence against them.When we joined the mobile phone era, it was quite a hectic task to locate a particular person using a phone number. It was not as easy as we can think of it today. One had to visit a nearby store and ask the consultant to locate the person using the phone number.

What to do if your number is constantly being called by a scammer?

Scam calls are the most frequent nuisance people have to face these days. The worst part about these calls is that many of these calls are not only a nuisance but also can cause a lot of trouble. A lot of the time these calls are from scam artists and fraudsters who are trying to get your money in one way or the other. These calls are very common in almost every part of the world and people are often taken in by the smooth talking of the fraudsters. So what should you do if your number is constantly being called by a scammer? Well, you can do a couple of things to stop these calls because that is what these scam calls are all about. If you are getting calls from an unknown number, you should not pick up the phone. If you pick up, you might end up hearing a threatening voice which will make you worry about your life. Since you do not know the caller and do not need to speak to them, you should just hang up. If you are really curious to know who is calling you and why they are calling you, you can do a reverse phone lookup.

How to block a number in Android?

Sometimes, you may receive a call from someone who you don’t want to talk to. Also, your Android phone might get a call from a spam or scammer number. If the number is a spam or scammer number, you can block it using your Android phone or tablet. Before you block a number, you should check if it is a safe or spam number. You should check the number using a reverse phone lookup tool.Android is an open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Nowadays Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones and tablets. It comes with lots of applications and services. One such feature is the blocking of calls and numbers. This can be done by various methods. The simplest way to block a number is to use the phone app on your phone. Go to the “Dial” tab and tap the three dots at the top right hand corner. A menu will pop up. Tap “Call Settings.” On the Call settings window, tap “Call blocking” at the bottom. In the Call Blocking menu, you will see numbers which are already blocked. To add your own numbers to the blocked list, tap “Add a number” at the bottom. The next screen will show you the numbers that you can block. To do so, tap on the number you want to block.

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