Updated List of 5 Free Universities in Canada

Canada is one of the top countries in the world filled with world-class universities. Annually, students are searching for free universities in Canada. Presently, some of the students making a huge impact in the world are alumni of some Canadian Universities. They provide quality education when it comes to different fields such as natural sciences, arts, business administration, engineering, and many others.

Most of their universities are well recognized in the world either you want to enroll for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The truth is there is nothing like free universities in Canada because the only way to get free tuition is when you get a scholarship in any of the Canadian Universities. There are various scholarships and they can be either partly-funded, scholarships, fully-funded, etc.

Free Universities in Canada

Let’s get to see the numerous free Universities in Canada, and they are:

  1. Saint Mary’s University:

It is one of the free Universities in Canada where you can get different fully-funded scholarships to study undergraduate courses without paying any money. The institution has over eight different scholarships available for international students.

Most of these scholarships are renewable because you have to maintain a good GPA score to be considered eligible for it in subsequent years. Freshers with outstanding performance in their academics with verifiable financial needs can be given any of the scholarships

  1. Concordia University:

You can’t be searching for free universities in Canada without including Concordia University. In this institution, there is a Presidential Scholarship that comes with full benefits and it can be renewed for good consecutive four years by the students.

If you happen to be an international student wanting to study an undergraduate course in the school, then, you need to meet the right qualifications such as leadership skills, academic excellence, motivation, etc., You can be lucky to get the scholarship to enjoy free tuition, living expenses, books, etc.


  1. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology:

It is another university in Germany where you can get a cheap tuition fee for world-class education. Every year, the university set aside $5 million as a scholarship award to their beneficiaries in different courses of study.

Incoming students or fresher in Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with financial need and decent academic excellence has higher chances of getting this scholarship. Lucky students can renew the scholarship for good four years by meeting up with renewal requirements.

  1. The University of Toronto:

At the University of Toronto, there are various scholarships available to international students offering different degree programs. One of the renowned scholarships they offer is the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program.

With this scholarship award, you will get free tuition, funding for accommodation, incidental fees, etc. These benefits will cover the students for four years, and you need to possess some qualities for the scholarship such as leadership skills, and academic excellence.

  1. The University of Calgary:

The University of Calgary has both partially funded and fully funded scholarships for students. If you meet the criteria to gain their scholarship, you can apply for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, and enjoy different privileges

The scholarship is renewable for three consecutive years, but you must be a graduate student offering any postgraduate course in the school. Since it is a government-sponsored scholarship, you choose any course of your choice and apply for it


Before the beginning of the article, you might have been eager to see free Universities in Canada, but the only way to get them is by applying for their various scholarships. You need to check the various criteria to maintain the scholarship to keep on enjoying the financial benefits.

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