Unknown Facts About RFID and Event Tech You’d Never Guess

You must have heard about the buzz for RFID for events, be it corporate, private, or others. But amidst all the excitement, the explanation of how RFID works get lost in the shuffle somewhere. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. Check out the post, and next time you have RFID coming up, you will be the most educated individual in the home.

RFID for the Event Organizers

RFID technology mainly works by enabling chips in order to communicate with an RFID-enabled scanner through radio signals. During events, RFID chips are usually embedded either in the badge or on the wristbands, and scanners are positioned at entrances as well as exits. Scanners are also installed in the VIP Zones and other areas inside the place where the event is going on.

You might have seen people paying their bills just by tapping their wristband at events with the help of their badge to get inside the panel in a conference. One can also speed through the event entrance through an RFID chip. You must have seen participants going to festivals using a wristband to post photos or relevant updates on social media.

RFID chips are mainly available in two different varieties – short-range and long-range. In most of the events, short chips are commonly used, and they are suited best for the needs as well as infrastructure. Long-range chips are only useful when they need to be within 30-feet of the RFID reader. They are also required to create a heat map of all the attendees where they spend most of their times.

Let’s turn for the fun facts that you will never be able to guess!

So, now that you already know the basics of RFID let’s surprise everyone in the room with some incredible facts.

  1. RFID is not new at all. It is just the beginning of transforming events, but the technology is not new at all. RFID gained its first popularity in the 1970s, and it was developed out of radar technology that was used to recognize aircraft in the last 1940s. Nowadays, RFID software solutions are used across the industries to keep track of everything, starting from inventories, assets, personnel, etc.
  2. Believe it or not – you must be already using RFID. The most interesting part is that you might be more familiar with the technology that you realize. RFID-enabled technology is used in almost everything – employee badges to hotel key cards to toll collection systems in the highway, etc. There are many factories that make use of RFID to identify the progress of the items through the assembly line.
  3. The utmost popularity of RFID goes to Walmart. Of course, RFID has been around the game for a long, but it got the spotlight in 2003. In 2003, Walmart adopted the technology inventory tracking and management, and since then, it has never looked back.
  4. The first event that took place with RFID was in 2004. SXSW is the company that introduced RFID wristbands to manage the growing attendance and reduce sham. This was one of the first events to make use of this technology. However, it took another 10 years for the RFID wristbands to be introduced in the festivals and events.Read More About:

Isn’t the facts were fascinating? Share your own ideas or facts if you have one below in the comment section. You can also visit here to get more useful updates on tech.

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