UltraViewer ReView: The best free remote desktop software for all

UltraViewer has been a new and useful free remote desktop software in recent years. It provides a solution that helps you support more people, in locations regardless of geographical distance. Let’s explore the characteristics and features of UltraViewer with us.

The free remote desktop software for all

UltraViewer allows users, both individuals and businesses, to use the software free for personal as well as commercial purposes. You can use UltraViewer to provide technical support to relatives and friends, when you are far away from the area where you live. You can also support customers with this free version if you don’t need the more advanced features.

Currently, the free version of UltraViewer is considered the most stable and best in similar software on the market. You are not limited to the number of sessions as well as the control time. At the same time, you will never experience the loss of connection or require payment to continue using.

Settings and interface

UltraViewer remote desktop software is designed with a user-friendly interface, scientific, and easy to use due to international standards. Anyone can easily use this software from students, teachers, technicians, professionals and even the elderly or low-tech people.

To be able to start the UltraViewer experience, you can download and start the installation in just a few seconds as the software capacity is only 1.5 MB light. As a result, you can save computer space and running UltraViewer in parallel when starting a Windows computer is also easier and faster.

How to use

Using free remote desktop software has never been so simple and easy. If you are the operator, simply ask the support person to provide you with your ID and Password. Next, you enter the parameters in your software interface window, click connect to partner to be able to start the process of controlling the computer immediately.

Fast and stable connection speed during the session is the advantage of UltraViewer. Even when it is the free version, you can still control the remote computer quite smoothly and easily without any problems in the condition of a stable internet connection. If you regularly access remote computers for work or close partners, you can set up a Custom Password on those computers and exercise unattended access. Thus, once you’re connected, they don’t have to repeat the process of giving you an ID and password.

Outstanding Features

In addition to the main and basic feature of accessing and controlling your computer remotely, you can share files and exchange information through the application’s chat feature.

Press the F1 key to quickly turn on/off the smart chat feature with chat prompts. As a result, your customer care work will become simpler and save more time without having to repeat familiar words over and over. To transfer files to your partner, you can drag and drop files into the chat window easily and in no time. You can send up to 8 GB/file depending on the UltraViewer version package you use.

Besides, the feature of turning on the remote computer is also a great advantage of UltraViewer. Thanks to the configuration of the power-on cycle, you do not need to ask for help from others and do not need complicated settings from a third device to turn on the computer.

The affordable premium version of UltraViewer

If you want to access the advanced features of UltraViewer remote desktop software, you will easily achieve this because it has a very reasonable license price and is easy to pay. If compared with TeamViewer with a sky-high price, UltraViewer will probably be a bargain you cannot ignore. You only need to pay from $47.88 – $95.88/year for the lowest version to the Unlimited Premium version. There is no automatic renewal policy so you don’t have to worry about canceling your license renewal if you don’t want to own it anymore.

Advanced features you can use in the process of using the software such as: unlimited remote control PC at the same time, Address Book, listen to audio on the computer, record Video of the control session, create a version with your own logo…

UltraViewer is a great free remote desktop software that you need to try right now. Let’s download and explore it. Completely free and easy.

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