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Types of Sliding Doors for The Ultimate Home Renovation Project

If you are planning to renovate your house, then no doubt you’ve thought to installing sliding doors. The stunning design and functionality that appears with transforming your screen doors into sliding doors is a comfort worth investment in.

Sliding doors are the ideal solution for designing more space in your home and are the preferred option for internal doors, such as those noticed in, kitchens, restrooms and living rooms.

Customers often inquiry, which type of sliding door is most excellent to install in their home? That depends on your conditions and your cost. As such, in this article, we outline the most popular types of sliding doors best suit your needs.

Sliding Security Doors


Sliding security doors feature a suit or grille and are intended to offer great safety. According to Australian standards, sliding security doors consist of securing points with an interlock system, which makes them very safe & secure. Thanks to modern designs, even though a mesh or a grill, present day sliding security doors offer open views.

If you’re bothered about house safety and security, reduce the risk of being thieved by installing sliding security doors in your home.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors offer an amazing look and are much cheaper compared to bi-fold doors and French doors. Due to their popularity, these sliding doors are accessible in a range of sizes and design options. The major benefit of sliding doors is that they are very thin, and they allow maximum amount of natural light to pass over them.

A sliding door opens horizontally by sliding a track that it is either fitted on or hanging from. If you’re seeing sliding doors to split up the interiors of your house from the outside, aluminium sliding doors are the approach to go.

Internal Sliding Doors


Stylish Internal sliding doors are an exceptional choice for limited openings or hallways over your home, where space out for a hinged door is restricted. They easy open from one room to another, and also let you to keep on valuable space. Available in strong timber, combined, or aluminium, with possible glass lining or reflected styles, you can select a design that is minimalist enough to integrate into your style.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding closet doors are also known as closet doors are customary sliding doors with two or more door units that slide on a roller track.

These doors are often custom-made and specially designed for cupboards. Like the other sliding doors gives great space. Latest sliding wardrobe doors are available in a variety of styles, colour choices and materials. Many also comprise reflected backs as an added ease.


For the ultimate home renovation project, you should absolutely consider sliding doors. Sliding doors are thin, stylish and they offer good space saving advantages. There are various types of sliding doors you can pick from, including aluminium sliding doors, security sliding doors, interior and wardrobe sliding doors.

If you’re concerned about having aluminium sliding doors for your home, then you should absolutely take a look at collection of sliding doors at Imperial Aluminium windows and doors supplier.

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