Truck Driver Shortages And Road Safety

You may often see several trucks on the highways and roads every day. Therefore, it may come off as a surprise to know that truck companies are actually falling short of drivers. Currently, the demand for truck drivers is high, but very few people are willing to apply for the job. 

Truck driver shortages can be highly unsafe for various reasons. With a shortage of drivers comes more responsibility for the existing limited drivers, which can have catastrophic consequences. Should a truck driver hit your vehicle and injure you or your loved one, call a Georgia personal injury lawyer for help with the compensation process. 

What is the reason for fewer truck drivers?

Professionals in the trucking industry have conducted studies and estimated a significant decrease in the number of truck drivers and that the number shall decrease by 2026. The main issue that has caught our eye is that the current workforce of drivers is getting old and retiring. However, experts say there is much more to it.

Various other reasons may have contributed to this situation. The trucking industry has the highest rate of turnover of over 90 percent. Experts believe the main culprit is the lifestyle and safety concerns on the job. 

Truck drivers usually have a tight-packed schedule. They often sign contracts that leave them on the road for weeks or, in some cases, months on the road. This prevents them from getting enough rest and sleep, and they have to spend a lot of time away from their families and the comfort of their homes. 

Truck accidents are among the most dangerous road accidents and have a high fatality rate. Truck accidents often occur due to over-exhausted and sleepy drivers. The job of being on the road for the most part or the entire day can take a heavy toll on the person’s body. 

Therefore, the job of a truck driver is no easy task, and very few volunteer for it because of the reasons we stated above. 

How does truck driver shortage affect road safety?

The demand for transportation of goods from one place to another is not decreasing any time soon, and there is a dire need for more truck drivers. When trucking companies do not have enough staffing, they pile up work for the working drivers, which puts a lot of pressure on them. 

The existing workforce is pressured to deliver goods before deadlines, which causes them to drive for hours without rest. Lack of sleep and rest can cause feelings of fatigue and drowsiness, resulting in road accidents. 

Handling commercial truck accident cases can be more complicated than other accidents. If you were injured by a careless truck driver or due to the trucking company’s pressures on the driver, you can file a claim and seek compensation. 

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