Toronto vs. Sydney: which is the best city to study?

Studying abroad, without a doubt, is a unique opportunity for personal development, in addition to providing endless opportunities and experiences for a lifetime. On this, everyone agrees! The problem, in fact, is when it comes to planning and choosing the best study destination among so many options. Between them, a classic dispute: Toronto vs. Sydney?

In fact, these two cities have indisputable advantages in terms of quality of life and education. So what to consider to know the best choice? Thinking of helping, we prepared this post to compare Toronto vs. Sydney and show that both cities and programs in their countries are very different. Want to check and choose your next “home” at the end of the text? Read on and take note of the tips! Let’s go!

Why compare Toronto vs Sydney?

Both Toronto and Australia are among the top student destinations around the world. For a long time, the North American country was considered one of the best options among international students. However, this number already presents very significant changes and starts to be shared with Oceania.

In fact, nowadays, many internationals tudents would like to go to Australia for study, With Sydney and Melbourne being two of the most popular student cities at the moment. All this is not for nothing! After all, there are several factors that have made the land of the kangaroo a new alternative for students who want to study, work and live abroad.

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Toronto vs. Sydney: where to do the best exchange?

As we have already said, there is no doubt about the superiority of education, institutions and quality of life in both cities. However, when planning abroad study, students need to evaluate a number of other factors, especially those that contribute to their adaptation to the place. Below, we’ve separated a list of what should be compared between Toronto vs. Sydney. Check out!


Extremely cold can be cool for a leisurely trip. Living a season under snow may not be the coolest thing. Certainly, the climate is one of the obstacles for people to adapt.

This is one of Toronto’s weaknesses and what makes Sydney a much better option. To give you an idea, between November and March, Canadian city dwellers are limited to going out on the streets just for daily activities. Sydney, on the other hand, maintains a normal year-round routine, even with slightly lower temperatures in winter.


In the comparison Toronto vs. Sydney, in relation to visas, each government presents its programs and facilities. Once again, Australia has good advantages, as many of its benefits extend to the exchanger’s family members. Also, in Toronto, for example, an English exchange does not allow the student to work.

The values and bureaucracy for the acquisition of documents are very similar in both countries. It is noteworthy that, in Australia, student visas give permission to work, just as a tourist visa allows a visitor to study in a course during the period.


If we compare the structure of Toronto vs. Sydney, we can say that, in this regard, cities tie. Everything works in both: health, education, safety, quality of life, etc. But when you compare the issue of leisure and fun, Sydney goes off in a rush.

Both are seaside cities, but Sydney lives up to that. Australia, in particular, is privileged with beautiful beaches and the city in question has jaw-dropping options, such as Bondi Beach and Manly.

Australian nights and ballads are also famous and this can be another advantage when comparing the two, for those who don’t give up on a good night out.

Job market

Studying, living and working abroad is the objective of every exchange student. Within our comparison (Toronto VS Sydney), we can highlight some very important points for your choice.

In both countries, there is the possibility to study and work in a local company. The difference is in the opportunities. In Australia, there is a large demand for vacancies in certain sectors of the economy, which led the government to create incentive programs for foreign professionals.

Furthermore, to close the comparison, the country of Oceania boasts the first place with the best minimum wage in the world.

These were our tips to help you choose your study destination, between a classic dispute: Toronto vs. Sydney. There is no doubt that both Toronto and Australia are two amazing and developed countries for this type of travel. However, as we have seen and as the statistics we have cited attest, Oceania has become, in recent years, a perfect destination for Brazilians.

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