Top Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Walking Shoes & When To Replace Them


The perfect men’s walking shoes are essential when it comes to walking as a sport or even a hobby. The best men’s walking shoes help make your walks more enjoyable and safe for the body. The best walking shoes ensure that your feet are cushioned with every step you take. Walking is a low-intensity activity, and the chances of getting injured are low. However, without walking shoes, the chance of the shock directly reaching the joints is a possibility.

Getting walking shoes for your morning walks is the best investment you can make for your health and yourself. Men’s walking shoes are your perfect walking companions. They take you through the rugged terrains and give protection to your feet no matter what. However, this causes the shoes to get worn off in time. Which is the perfect time to replace them. Whether you have purchased walking shoes or are considering buying a pair, we have curated the list of the best ways to extend the life of your walking shoes and the perfect time to replace them.

Top Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Walking Shoes

1. Wear your walking shoes only while walking

If you are a consistent morning walker, save your best men’s walking shoes only for that activity. Using the same walking shoes for doing multiple errands and activities can reduce the life of the shoes and cause the materials to wear down faster. Walking shoes are meant for unidirectional movement; using men’s walking shoes for the gym, where you do multi-directional movement, causes the cushioning and the sole to break down faster.

2. Dry your shoes thoroughly before using them again

This one’s a no-brainer. Remember to completely dry your walking shoes before using them again if you expose them to rain. Air dry the shoe entirely and remove the insoles so that they dry separately. Further, stuff newspapers or paper towels in the men’s walking shoes to absorb moisture and leave your shoes dry and fresh for the next day. However, avoid using the dryer on the shoe. The dryer breaks down the shoe and affects the properties of the material. Rinse the shoe or wipe it with a wet towel or wipes and let the air do the drying part.

3. Rotate your walking shoes

If you are a dedicated walker, it would be best to have more than one pair of men’s walking shoes for the wet seasons of the year. This can extend the life of your walking shoes and help them recover after long rainy runs. Have shoes that suit the type of workout you plan on doing. One shoe could be used for long endurance runs, while the other can be used during intense, short hard intervals.

4. Focus on form

Your men’s walking shoes mimic the stimulus you give. So the fate of the walking shoe depends on your way of walking or jogging. Think of walking in a good rhythm and pace for the best performance. An efficient walking technique helps lessen the impact on your body and the walking shoes. Watch the pros and try to emulate the motion and the stance while taking the stride for the best results.

5. Take care of your walking shoes!

A clean shoe is a fast shoe! Take conscious efforts to keep your walking shoes clean and safe from extreme natural elements. Do not leave the shoe unattended in rain or the hot sun, as that can cause the soles to lose their flexibility and cushioning. Do not leave your shoes in the car as the care you give to your shoes will indeed be given back during your morning walk or run.

6. Take note of the date of purchase of your walking shoe and the mileage covered

Men’s walking shoes break down gradually with repeated usage and the weight and sweat applied to the materials. The shoes slowly stop supporting the feet, and that can cause the shock to be absorbed in the body directly. Take note of the date of purchase and have an app that records the distance you cover in them. By doing that, you ensure the health of your walking shoe and your feet. As a rule of thumb, it is best to change your walking shoe every 300-700kms, but this would also depend on the conditions you choose to walk or jog, your rate of perspiration and the level of care given to the shoe.

Tips To Know The Best Time To Replace Your Walking Shoes

Take note of these concerns to understand that it is probably time to replace your walking shoes.

1. The heel of the walking shoe is breaking down

If you feel that your heel has leaned to one side, it’s probably because your heel has started to break down. This is also caused when the sole tread pattern is more worn down on one side of the walking shoe. These walking shoes are no longer wearable, and you should consider changing them as soon as possible.

2. Your shoes feel less supportive

By repeated usage, you can usually tell when the shoe does not provide the same cushioning is used to give. This is because, in a walking shoe, the cushion in the sole wears down over repeated usage. You should consider replacing the walking shoe when the cushion has been compressed such that it is not providing the support that it used to.

3. You experience frequent foot pain

Listen to your body! If you experience frequent foot pain after a run or a walk, it is likely an indicator that your shoe is not functioning correctly, and it is time to change them. A common symptom is arch and heel pain. If the walking shoes are no longer supporting the feet, then you might be at risk of plantar fasciitis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can walking shoes be kept without using them?

Keeping walking shoes in cardboard boxes for long periods can cause them to build moisture over time. This can cause the shoe to crack and lose colour over time.

2. How to increase the life of rubber soles?

The life of rubber soles can be increased by replacing the heel savers and sole pads as they wear down over time. This step helps in increasing the lifespan of the walking shoe.

3. How many pairs of walking or running shoes should you have?

Every walking athlete or runner must have at least two pairs of walking shoes to rotate between runs for extended life. By doing that, you ensure the life of your shoes is extended.

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