Top reasons behind the popularity of PDFs

With the introduction of PDFs, Adobe brought a revolution in the world of sharing a document. While PDFs were initially made to be tested and used by college students only, the efficiency of the format made them popular among users from all over the world. Nowadays, every user, irrespective of their occupation, relies on PDFs for sharing documents. When it comes to transferring files and documents, most companies utilize PDF as the preferred format. 

Moreover, users can find all the relevant information on the search engine in PDF format only. PDF format has been highly useful and relevant for the users engaged in different businesses. But what exactly made PDFs so popular among the users? Let’s see.

Worldwide Acceptance 

As we have already mentioned, PDF is the most used format for sharing files. This is because the introduction of PDF by Adobe resolved all the issues related to the transfer of the files and their accessibility as well. Access to files used to be highly complicated before the introduction of PDFs because of the involvement of multiple operating systems. 

Not every tool was compatible with every software which made it difficult for the users to easily share files and access them. Users could not share the files without ensuring that the other party has the proper tools to support the format. 

Compatibility is not a concern anymore since the introduction of PDFs, as the format is OS-independent. People cannot only view a PDF but edit PDF as well.

Free of Cost 

The best part about using PDF documents is that you do not need to spend any amount for using them. Most of the file formats have specified paid applications to run and create documents on it, but it is not the same in the case of PDF documents. 

PDF files can easily be opened and read using free PDF viewer tools. With any other format, you might require the updated version of the concerned application to view a shared file. However, PDFs do not work like that. Your browser is enough to support a PDF file and you can view it. Free access is one of the biggest reasons why users from all over the world utilize PDFs. 

Protected and Secured 

While PDFs have been the best solution for accessing the format of a particular file, it is a read-only format as well. PDFs can be edited on the Adobe readers or PDF editors only. In a nutshell, if a file requires to be maintained in its original form without any edits, then PDFs can be used. 

Some of the tools will allow basic editing of the file, while other formats may allow making the major changes to the file. Files can be stored in their original forms as PDFs and can be shared among users without any loss of data. However, this does not mean that PDFs cannot be edited at all. There are tools like PDF to Word converter which can be used to make the required changes to the file. 


These were some of the major reasons behind the popularity of PDFs. PDFs are easily available, accessible, and editable as well. 

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