Top Online Dance Classes of 2021 

“Dance is an art to find yourself and to lose yourself at the same time.”

Dance is a universal language that uses expressive and captivating dance steps to depict love, romance, competitiveness, happiness, and other emotions. It’s one of those beautiful extracurricular activities that involve both the body and the mind and allows you to connect to yourself.

Dance has an impact on one’s personality and character, and it is a creative process that emphasizes life skills that can be applied outside of the dance classes. Through the online dance classes, an individual not only masters a dance genre, but they incorporate skills such as teamwork, quick thinking, adaptability, non-verbal communication, collaboration, clarity, accountability, and much more. In this article, we will discuss the Top 7 online dance classes.

The fervor, excitement, liberating, energetic moves, and cheerful music is the soul of western dance. People are becoming more interested in Western dance classes and as their lively moves captivate the hearts of the younger generation. 

Most Popular Online Dance Classes

  1. Salsa Dance – Salsa is a fusion of Cuban dancing styles like pachanga, mambo, and rumba. The origins of this unique dance can be traced back to Puerto Rico and Cuba. It is one of the most popular western dance forms due to its high-energy moves, taps, and spins to the magical music.

Why Learn Salsa Dance? 

  • It is a high-intensity and fast-paced dance form in which the mind becomes more conscious and alert as you concentrate on your movements. It’s a type of dance that also serves as a great mental workout.
  • It’s one of the most sensual dance forms, and it can help you feel more grateful for your companion, improving your connection and sense of well-being as a couple.
  • Hip-Hop Dance Form – Hip-Hop dance is making inroads into the lives of dance aficionados because of its vibrant dance style that blends with freestyle dance movements. Its three major skills of popping, breaking, and locking have propelled it to become one of the most popular western dance genres.

Why Learn Hip-Hop Dance? 

  • The true goal of Hip-Hop dance is to BREAK & POP above society’s turbulence through a combination of freestyle dance routines. Hip-hop classes will allow you to express yourself freely while also reducing emotional distress.
  • Hip-hop dance is a dynamic form of exercise, art, and mobility that allows for individual expression and undeniable potential.
  • Ballet Dance – Ballet is one of the most popular dance forms among children because of its enchanting and fascinating moves. Ballet uses the flow of magical and integrated patterns to portray a thought, elicit emotions, and evoke sentiments.

Why Learn Ballet Dance?

  • Ballet dancing combines a distinct grace that allows the performer to express themselves through flowing movements, making it appealing to the audience’s eyes as well as providing a pleasurable experience for the performer as well.
  • Learning the aesthetic and graceful steps allows you to build strong muscles and generate a sense of discipline and confidence.
  • Jazz – Jazz is a mix of African and European dance genres that first appeared in the twentieth century. Explosive, sensuous, power, technique, confidence, rhythm, and style are the characteristics of this dance form. It becomes a blockbuster performance when a dancer learns to blend these variables and apply them to their dance.

Why Learn Jazz Dance?

  • The Jazz dance style is a form that allows the learners to create a connection between their moves, instruments, and bodies to deliver a unique dance art.
  • It provides an ability to express the hidden creative self through energetic moves. This dance form allows releasing the euphoric emotions and concepts.
  • Tap Dance – Tap dance first appeared in the 1700s in the southern United States. It is one of a kind dance genre because of the subject of tapping and striking the shoes on the floor. Learners develop the art of synchronizing their taps in order to generate pleasant music. It’s a distinct form of dancing that entails precise and quick footwork. The dancer’s foot and shoe function like a drummer while producing beats.

   Why Learn Tap Dance?

  • Tapping can be viewed as a useful tool for reducing stress and promoting emotional well-being. It provides an outlet for expressing hidden emotions and feelings through the creation of music through tapping.
  • Tapping and dancing together can be a little difficult, but learning and putting the steps together is a terrific brain workout. It also enhances your balance, coordination, and core control, resulting in improved posture and reduced back pain.
  • Bolly-Hop Dance – Bolly-Hop is a dance form that combines Bollywood and Hip-Hop dance styles. It fuses freestyle Bollywood with Hip-Hop choreography to enhance the dance’s overall essence. This dancing form has no rules, which is why so many individuals are signing up for Bollywood dance classes these days. It combines both entertainment and exercise.

Why Learn BollyHop?

  • BollyHop is a fun and exciting approach to getting your body fit, active, and healthy by dancing in a freestyle and expressive manner. It aids in the toning of the body and the relief of stress.
  • BollyHop helps beginners to forget about the steps and lose themselves in the music, allowing them to develop their unique dance style. It’s more of a free-flowing dance with a lot of fun.

Take Away

If you want to learn and explore more dance styles for your kids as well, then we have got you covered! At PiggyRide, you can find online dance classes for kids that are curated according to age, preference, and skill-set. With the guidance of expert choreographers, kids can excel in any dance form of their preference. Dance is a unique mantra to incorporate happiness, fun, and fitness into your life. So, get ready to dance together!

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