Top 5 Reasons to Visit Memphis

Memphis is a unique, vibrant city that has a great history. It is regarded as the home of soul music and was home to Elvis Presley in his later years. This city has a lot to offer to music lovers and history buffs as well. This city is a perfect combination of old and new places. It has amazing architecture. You will have a great time strolling along the streets and studying all the varieties of styles on display.

There are a lot of sites that are all worth visiting. Both domestic and international tourists will easily get around in the city as multiple modes of transport are available. There are buses, restored trams and of course, you can always rent a car. The latter option is the most convenient one. There is a car rental service in Memphis at a terminal, for instance, Budget at Memphis airport, which makes it easy to get to your accommodation. After renting a car, you can easily visit as many sites as you want, and should definitely look into the following five.

Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Stax Museum is one of the highlights of the city. It used to be Stax Records and it was home to many artists, such as Carla Thomas, Johnnie Taylor, the Staple Singers, etc. It features the history of soul music, going back to its roots in blues and gospel and it is one of a few museums in the world dedicated to this style of music. Besides, they also founded Stax Music Academy, which works with at-risk young people giving them opportunities to perform. There are also some events, so if you are lucky enough you might get a chance to visit some live events, film exhibitions or book signings, etc.


The most iconic place in the city is Graceland. It was the home of Elvis Presley and it is definitely the gem in the city. You can wander through the halls and rooms where the singer spent his later years.  It is especially interesting to check out his luxurious living room. It feels surreal to basically walk in his footsteps. There are a lot of events organized so you can easily have a great time. It is interesting to check out the décor as far as it was actively chosen by Elvis himself. You can see the Jungle Room, which was used as a recording studio. Besides they even offer accommodation close to the house, so you can basically live, where Elvis used to. While you are staying there, you can go on a car rental app, and get a ride to drive around as well. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Victorian Village

What used to be a wealthy neighborhood on the outskirts of Memphis, turned into a walk-through representation of some of the finest architecture in the city. It is Victorian Village and it is a must-see for any history aficionados. Some of the houses are of course gone, but there is still a lot to enjoy. The Mallory-Neely home and the Magevney home are available for tourists to see. You can take a tour of this building and take in all the beauty of the interior as well as exterior.

Harrson – Goyer- Lee House has been made into bed and breakfast, giving you the opportunity to imagine what it was like living at that time. Those looking to have a bit of fun and adventure should check out the Mollie Fontaine House, which was turned into a trendy bar. So, you can totally make a day of going to Victorian Village. It is great fun for the young and the families.

Mud Island River Park and Mississippi River Museum

Mud island is a peninsula to the west of Memphis and it is a perfect excuse into the history of the Mississippi River. This museum can be reached by an aerial tram, which is in itself an exciting adventure. Besides, this museum looks into the development of the river and its impact on the areas surrounding it. There are some amazing parks on the island, and you can walk along a small-scale copy of the river, ending in the fountain, which is a perfect place for kids and adults to splash in.

The Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum

This museum also known as the Burkle Estate can take you back to pre-Civil War time. It used to belong to Jacob Burkle, who was an active participant of the antislavery movement. The house was a shelter for slaves on the Underground railroad. Even though this museum is small, it is a part of history and has a lot of information to offer to the visitors. It is totally worth a visit, even if you are not that into history. It is relatively not a big exhibit, so it is a small bit of culture woven into your trip.

Memphis has a lot to offer in terms of cultural entertainment. It can meet all the requirements of even the pickiest holidaymakers. Try to factor in as much time as you can on your itinerary, it will definitely be worth it. Even if you are not the biggest music or history buff, you will still have a lot of fun exploring the city with its unique landscapes and architecture.

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