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Top 5 Best Designed Websites 

Technology has made it easy to create and design a website. Companies such as Wix enable you to create live personal or business websites within minutes even without having technical knowledge. With cutthroat competition in the market today, user experience matters now than ever before. If designed properly, your site makes an impression on the visitors and encourages them to return and take specific actions that benefit your business.

So which technique are you going to use to make your website visible to the crowd? Well, you’ll find that there are no shortages of website design examples that you can emulate.

5 popular web design trends 2021

In 2021 there are a few web design trends that have dominated the scenes and you can leverage them to bring you massive success. By keeping abreast with the times, you can validate your brands and boost their visibility in the eyes of the public. Here are some of the amazing web design trends that we have seen in 2021.

1. Dark mode

The dark mode helps to give your eyes a rest because you will not be worried about bright lights all the time. This mode allows users to view their screens using color schemes that use light-colored icons and a variety of graphic user interfaces elements that have been set on a dark background.

2. Mixing photos with graphics and illustrations

Putting layers of graphics on top of photos is an amazing way of mixing realism with illustration in your website design. With some creativity, it adds some amazing amounts of cuteness to your website. This web design feature can be used to call out some serious attributes, which may entail communicating complicated aspects of finance and technology.

3. The use of white spaces

This method of website design helps to guide users into the most important parts of your business website, which include a product image or a copy.

4.3D designs

This has found its way into popular websites in 2021. Over the years, there has been a serious evolution to three-dimensional experiences, and it is not surprising that this awesome trend has found its way into website design.

5. Streamlined navigation

Streamlined or minimal navigation is another trend that has found its way into the best web design trends of 2021. This method ensures that the user doesn’t have many options, so they will be concentrating more on your products. It creates an experience that doesn’t have lots of distractions.

Top 5 perfectly designed websites 2021

In my opinion, these websites are the best designed in 2021 in no particular order.

  • Hoang Nguyen-This website has used 3D art creatively.
  • Orano- This website of a French company creates a perfect dark mode experience.
  • Harry’s-The Harry’s website has got plenty of white spaces in a trimmed design.
  • EmberHouse-Mixes visuals with graphics to heighten the user experience.
  • Couro Azul- This is among the most notable thanks to its responsive design, dark mode theme, and 3 D visualization among others.

When you want a fantastic website, that looks like any of the above 5 best websites of 2021, you should work with a reputable web design in Surrey professional.  You can benefit from their experience, technical expertise, and unmatched knowledge of new website design trends.

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