Top 3 WHMCS Themes To Look For In 2022


Attention businesses! You just have 0.057milliseconds to create a good impression on customers landing on your site. And of those visiting your site, over 57% of consumers won’t recommend your business if your website fails to offer a good experience to their fingers and eyes.

No business wants its customers to be wary of referring to its services and products. That is why the look and feel of your website are crucial to your business success. And since the year is close to its end, it’s the right to plan a website revamp.

In this blog, we have discussed the top 3 WHMCS Themes that can make your website look professional and help you attract & retain more customers.

Let’s begin.

1.  HostX Web Hosting Theme with WHMCS

If you are looking for a comprehensive, multi-purpose, and trendy WHMCS Theme, HostX is for you. The WHMCS theme is extremely convenient to use that even a 5th-grade student can create a trending website. The HostX WHMCS template comes with 21+ pre built pages.

The theme boasts features like an easy drag-and-drop page manager, centralized SEO management, easy top menu customization, live chat, and more. With this popular WHMCS theme template, you can create new pages and customize or manage them with its Advanced page manager feature.

HostX WHMCS template eliminates the use of WordPress for website creation, customization, or management.

Price: Starts from $199.

2.  20X WHMCS Client Area Template

This WHMCS template is best suited for those at a tight budget! 20X is an advanced child theme, which means the changes you make in the client area using this template will not be lost after updating the theme or WHMCS.

The template lets you build unique, ultra-modern, and elegant websites that are even fully responsive. With the 20X WHMCS Child template, you get features including multilingual support, flat and modern design, high responsiveness, etc. Further, you don’t need any license verification or validation. Instead, you just need to upload the theme to get started. This ultra-light theme ensures that users don’t have to wait for the site to open. So, if you want an ultra-modern, faster, and highly responsive theme at a low budget, choose the 20X WHMCS theme.

Price: Starts from $29.95.

3.  One Step Checkout Orderform

If you want to offer a refined checkout experience to your customers, revamp your website with the One Step Checkout Orderform theme. With this website template, you can enjoy features like a fully responsive layout, multiple business support, and fast and friendly UI/UX.

The theme lets you choose the payment gateway based on your location making the payment process super-convenient for the customers. Users can get a mini-view of their cart and order a summary on their mobile devices. Plus, clients can configure their products as per their choice. In all, this is the perfect choice for those running an e-store.

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Price: $129.95

Bonus: ClientX WHMCS Client Area Theme is also on our list of top WHMCS themes 2022. The template can give a unique design to your WHMCS client area. It comes packed with essential features like an eye-catching home page, easy-to-navigate menu, custom Orderform, invoicing template, and many more. The ClientX WHMCS theme is available just for $99.


WHMCS themes are a must when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of your website. We hope these top-listed WHMCS themes will help you make the right move towards boosting the value of your website.

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