Throw on and go wig VS headband wig


Why is throw on and go wig so sought after by so many ladies? What’s the difference between it and the headband wig, which is also famous for its no glue and lace? This article will introduce the advantages of these two wigs, hoping to provide a reference for you to buy wigs.

What is throw on and go wig?

In short, throw on and go wig is a kind of high-quality wig with quick installation as the core feature exclusively proposed and defined by Luvmehair.

The advantages of throw on and go wig

l  Easy to install

The Luvme throw on & go wig was designed with the ultimate in ease of installation. It’s tiresome and frustrating to spend too much time fitting a wig. Time is the greatest wealth. From this perspective, saving time on wig installation is creating wealth. A wig that can be easily and quickly installed is something that all wig users will not refuse.

Throw on and go wig lets you install in ten seconds. You just have to throw it on, and then you can do what you need to do. see it? The process is as simple as drinking water

l  Charming curls

The throw on & go wig is so popular. The reason it’s so popular with consumers is not just that it’s so easy to install in a short amount of time. I think its beautiful curls is also a big reason for its popularity. The pursuit of beauty is a God-given right. A quality curly wig must be able to provide you with a beautiful look.

Incredibly, the throw on and go wig is suitable for women of almost any age. throw on and go’s design in terms of curl and bangs makes it have a magical power. It can make younger women look vibrant and glamorous, and older women look youthful. It can make women with small faces look cuter and make women with big faces look smaller in the face.

What is headband wig

A headband wig is a wig with a headband. It is one of the glue-free and lace-free wigs, and compared to u part wigs, it has no requirements on people’s hair volume. You can use the headband wig even if you are bald.

The advantages of headband wig

l  Wider selection of styles and hair colors

The headband wig, a long-standing popular wig, has a wider selection of styles and hair colors. In other words, headband wig can meet more people’s diverse needs.

Currently, headband wig is available in both curly and straight styles. Whether you want big curly hair or small curly hair, headband wig can satisfy you. In contrast, the throw on and go wig, which was just developed by luvmehair this year, is limited in terms of style options

l  Suitable for people who love sports to wear

Do you like sports? Jogging around the roads of your community is a very healthy habit. If you like to exercise, then headband wig is definitely the wig of choice for you. headband wig can show your charm better when you are exercising. On the other hand, the elastic hairband can also give the headband wig enough stability. Even if you wear the headband wig to play basketball or volleyball, you do not have to worry about the wig falling off.


In all fairness, I think both the throw on and go wig and the headband wig are excellent wigs. They have many common advantages, for example, they all have a very cheap price (compared to lace wigs). Plus, none of them require glue to install. Although they don’t have a lace part, they subtly hide the hairline, making the overall look pretty and flattering.

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