Things You Need To Know About Boxer Dog Breed

Every one of us desires a life companion, and having a pet could be the best choice (read more). If you’re searching for a high-energy, easy-to-smarten up, and family-friendly pet, a Boxer dog might be the pet breed for you. Boxer dogs can make you smile since they are always eager, pleasant, and grateful for every day you spend with them.

They keep their energy levels high and demand a lot of action. What makes you adore them, even more is their sense of fun and underlying warmth. However, because this is a robust and muscular breed, consistent training centered on severe punishment is required for them to develop into the great dog they should be.

Boxer canines are a lovely dog breed, but not everyone is familiar with its history, characteristics, and how it bonds with those around it. Here we tackle the history and all of the qualities and information about this particular breed.

The History Of Boxer Dog

The boxer breed had a long, exciting history that dates back to 2500 BC. The modern boxer breed we know today is descended from the now-extinct Bullenbeisser breed that was crossed with Mastiffs, English bulldogs, Great Danes, and Terriers. It was in Germany during the nineteenth century that they were first developed, and they were initially bred as a bull-biter dog. According to one article, the family tree of the boxer dogs was used for fighting and protection. Subsequently, they have worked as butcher’s helpers, whose job was to control cattle in slaughterhouses.

Furthermore, they weren’t popular dogs back then. Not until the first World War happened. At that time, boxers were used as powerful guards, patrols, and messenger dogs. They are once the first dog reviews food breed used for military service. They are bred as the perfect dogs that would be: strong, powerful, able to hunt, and able to serve.

Boxers Are Excellent Family Dogs

A Boxer dog is an energetic, devoted companion that can build a deep bond with any human family. This breed is well-behaved and gets along well with children and other individuals he knows. Boxers are suspicious of strangers but not threatening, and they are always up for a walk, an activity, or even some excellent couch time with you. They have a sweet and playful temperament, perfect for a big household.

Most dog owners also recognize Boxers as all-around dogs. They aren’t just sweet and cuddly, but they make a great household guard. This breed is very fond of protecting its owners, especially the kids. Find a personal protection dog for sale to be more secured and well-protected.

Also, they aren’t as high maintenance as you might think. A quick brush at least once a week would do with their short and beautiful shiny coat. This will keep their tight-fitting coat looking good and clean.

The Jack-Of-All-Trades Breed

The Boxer is an easygoing, multi-purpose working breed with a strong desire to participate in family activities. The Boxer, who is equal parts comedian and athlete, thrives on training (link: and, most importantly, on social contact. When left alone, they can get separation anxiety, so proper training must be done.

Also, Boxers are intelligent dogs on their own. While they’re considered low ranked compared to other intelligent dogs, they are excellent in learning and trainability from their past experiences and repeated activities through positive reinforcements.

As generations passed, the traits of a Boxer constantly changed from being a fighter to a loving dog. They have great adaptability to society, and they’re full of energy, which makes a cheerful environment. When compared to any other breeds, their versatility may remain unmatched. They know how to distinguish friends and foes, and they can even befriend kitties.

Boxers Are Famous For Being A Working Dog Breed

The Boxer is one of the recognized working dog breeds in the American Kennel Club, ranking as the 11th most popular dog breed in the United States. They aren’t just brave and a hunter, but they are loyal companions as well. There’s no denying: they excel in their roles as a pet and as a guard.

Most Boxers are friendly, but some are standoffish. Others are aggressive and territorial. According to holistapet boxer dog breed can be stubborn. This canine, thus, needs consistent leadership — especially when it comes to their socialization skills.

They Are Genetically Common To Health Issues

If you’re thinking about getting a Boxer dog, keep in mind that all breeds are prone to specific health problems. Still, don’t be concerned; Boxers are generally healthy; make sure they get plenty of exercise and training.

Unfortunately, this breed is also common to genetic diseases, and mostly, these are tied to their line. Some ailments and health problems can arise because of the breed’s influence like cancer and hypothyroidism. They face more significant risk than other dogs. Thus, they need an extra amount of care health-wise.

Always keep in mind that regular veterinary exams are an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and living. Your veterinarian may be able to detect early warning signs of health problems in your dog before they become serious. A healthy pup makes any oowner happy and worry-free, after all. A small investment in their health can go a long way.

Also, this breed isn’t great at dealing with extreme temperatures. Be sure to keep them in a comfortable place within your home.

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