Things to keep in mind when purchasing new doors and windows

There are different reasons why homeowners replace their windows. But, irrespective of what window material you choose, or what company you hire, there are a few things to expect from your new window in order to make the replacement a worthy investment. Here, we have outlined some points to expect to receive from a reinstallation. Window Mart addresses your doors and windows Edmonton replacement needs and renders you the best services.

Why should you replace doors and windows?

With your home reaching 15 years of age, you may notice problems with your aging doors and windows. Air or water leakage, problems in operation and drafts are the major issues. Covering drafty windows with a wrap or re-sealing them doesn’t render long-term results. New vinyl windows need less maintenance and offer a better look and feel to your house. It also slashes down your utility bills.

Some points of expectations from the replacement of the windows are –

Energy efficiency

All the new windows and doors now are ENERGY STAR marked and are designed majorly for the rough prairie climate. The triple-pane sealed windows come with LoE coating to maintain heating and cooling. They significantly lower heat loss and save on your utility bills.

Zero maintenance required

If you choose a full vinyl frame, it doesn’t deteriorate with time and needs no re-paint or repair. Top-quality stainless steel hardware makes it convenient to operate the windows.

Window screens

Well, the screen is designed to keep dust, debris and insects out. The operational windows come with a rust-resistant frame. Fiberglass mesh is used as it doesn’t tear out easily. So, your window screens are clear and long-lasting.

Professional installation

Going for an effective installation is important for better performance and longevity of your windows. Even the best product will never last if it hasn’t been correctly installed. Window Mart specializes in replacement windows for homes and commercial properties. Every window is made to accommodate your existing wall opening. You can either go for full-frame replacement or increasing foam insulation for better safety from cold air from getting inside your home. The window replacement is done in accordance with the national building code to offer the best performance of your recently installed windows.


Every replacement window comes with a warranty. You can avail professional services from technicians to address all your queries and concerns related to your new door and window installation.

Quote and consultation

Some of the things to consider before going for consultation:

  • What is the issue with your present window?
  • What are the qualities you want in a door and window company?
  • What is your budget for door and window installation?
  • Do you just want all the windows and doors to be replaced or just a few of them?

Things to expect from the consultation:

  • Know the facts and features of the window replacement.
  • Complete guidance of the options available.
  • Quote of the replacement without any hidden charges.
  • Clear project timeline and essentials.

So, when purchasing new doors and windows these pointers will definitely help you get the best one for your home.

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