Things To Consider Before Purchasing Solar Water Heater

The cost of electricity has been rising day in day out, with this people have made several inventions one of them being solar water heater. In this article, we shall look at several factors to consider before purchasing a solar water heater. If all this factors are followed, one will buy an excellent solar heater machine.

Many people have been trying to escape electricity bills, and several inventions have been made considering electricity bills. The invention of solar panels was one of them; these solar panels can change the sun or solar energy into electricity, solar energy is free.

The invention of solar panels later leads to the invention of solar water heaters, which assist in warming cold water used in washrooms and bathrooms or even warm swimming pools and any other household activities. When a person purchases this machine, no additional cost other than installation will be incurred, even though some factors are to consider before buying this solar water heater.

1. The Purpose Or Its Use.

There are two things to consider, one of them being the population which will use the solar water heater. Suppose one needs a solar water heater for their apartments used by a large population or a swimming pool. In that case, they should consider purchasing at least a bigger solar heater to ensure a continuous flow of hot or cold water. Solar water heater price is a consideration since big solar heaters are expensive compared to small solar heaters.

2. Person’s Budget.

These solar heaters come with different prices depending on the company, their output power, or even their size in terms of covered surface area. A person should consider purchasing a panel that fits his budget. Also, a person should have in mind that these heaters save on electricity bills.

3. The Type Of Solar Water Heater.

In the market, there are two types of solar water heaters. Depending on solar water heater price  (FPC), flat plate collectors are considered expensive and durable compared to ETC (evacuated tube collectors), which is cheap and prone to damages since solar panels are separate from the tubes.

4. Geographic Area Location.

As we all know, the amount of electricity emitted by solar panels directly depends on the intensity of the sun’s rays. Locating a solar panel near the equator is more effective and advantageous than locating the solar panel in other regions with less sunlight intensity. As we all know that solar panels can survive not more than two cloudy days emitting electricity.

5. Warranty Seals.

This is an added advantage and assurance because a warranty assures a consumer that the company may replace solar water heaters with new ones whenever the product got damaged within a given period. Before one purchases a solar heater, he should make sure it has a warranty and under what conditions he may get a new one if it is damaged.


As we all know that solar panels depend on the intensity of sun rays, one should consider purchasing a dual solar water heater (uses solar panel as well as electricity when there are no sun rays). Following the above factors, one will buy his best solar water heater suitable for his household.

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