The ultimate guide for men to style a hat with confidence

Wearing a hat was a popular act among men throughout the world. However, when famous men known for their looks stopped wearing a hat, the sale of hats saw a perpetual downfall. The hat-wearing tradition was brought about by presidents in their inauguration, reviving the custom and increasing sales. The hat was a part of a man’s costume in the olden days. However, it is significant for men to know the traditional styling of hats or look silly.

Here are a few guidelines to style different hats according to your age and occasion:

Choose a headgear that harmonizes with your face shape

Although most hat styles suit a majority of men yet all of them are not equal. Before purchasing a headgear, it is essential to consider the shape and size, finding out which one compliments your facial proportions. Hats are a part of your facial accessory. Therefore it draws attention as soon as people look at you. It is essential to find the hat according to the size of your head. Some hat styles are available in stiff materials. Therefore it is crucial to confirm the shape of your head as it is not stretchable to sit on your head. If your size is large, you must consider choosing hats for large heads, such as beanies.

Choose a hue that complements your complexion

Once you have discerned the size and style of the hat you would like to buy, the next step is to decide the color that compliments your skin tone. It is essential to remember that hats are the closest part of your face to other outfit elements. Therefore choosing the right shoe is very important. Men with a fair complexion can purchase dark hats, such as grey, dark brown, and navy blue, to contrast their skin tone. People who prefer a fashionable look for the hat can choose bold colors such as burgundy for dark green.

On the other hand, individuals with olive complexions must opt for light-colored hats, such as light-grey mustard Brown. However, men with dark skin tones have the freedom to choose from any color. However, they must keep in mind that the color of the hat is contrasting to their complexion.

Your hat should complete your outfit

In addition to harmonizing your hat Hue with your skin tone, you must ensure that your hat’s color contrasts with your outfit. An attire with shades of grey will require a grey hat. You can also harmonize the hue of your hat with other accessories such as shoes and gloves. However, if your outfit consists of brown leather, you must opt for a brown hat. The strategy to pair your accessories with your hat is to consider your overcoat and scarf in winter, ensuring that it lies in harmony with the realm of your hat. Hat styles that are suitable for warm weather conditions are less formal. However, it acts as a finishing accessory to your outfit.

Be mindful of the occasion

Several hat styles offer a more formal appearance than others. Therefore, choosing a hat according to the occasion is as significant as the outfit. Stiffer hat styles, such as bowler and Derby hats, compliment a formal dress code. Straw hats and fedoras work well with business attire as well as casual outfits. On the other hand, flat caps look best when paired with casual outfits in the fall season. However, it would help if you considered the stiffness of the hat as a significant indicator that it works well on a formal occasion.

Consider the etiquettes of wearing a hat

Many times people purchase a hat without any knowledge about traditional hat etiquette. You must be confident about their ability regarding customary etiquette brought about by people in ancient times. The general rule of wearing a hat is to wear it in public places and take them off in private.

Acknowledge the weather before choosing a hat

Hats are stylish accessories that serve a purpose during different weather conditions. Therefore individuals must keep in mind the weather outside before wearing a hat, choosing the right style. Traditional hat styles on a bright sunny day encompass headgears with a wide brim to protect you from the heat of the Sun. On the other hand, a wide-brimmed cap can also protect you from rain and snow. In the spring season, hats made of felt can help to regulate the temperature of your body. The woolen hat is a good choice for winter. It keeps you warm and can be supplemented with earmuffs to keep away the chilly wind.

General pointers on hat styles

Give a minimalist look to your hat and keep the others accessories to the minimum. If you are a newbie in styling hats, opt for staple colors, and don’t forget to carry yourself with confidence. Maintaining a traditional hat style requires knowledge about managing your hat hair.

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