The Steps to Become a Straight-A Student

Acquiring straight-A’s may seemingly be a straightforward endeavour that only requires one action – studying hard. However, for maximum results, apart from hard work, becoming an excellent student also entails being strategic. Copying someone else’s methods won’t always do the trick, so for more tangible results, it’s best to establish a studying routine that suits you, specifically. Here are the essential strategies that will help you develop your own game plan and achieve your goal.

Plan and organize

The first step of your journey to being successful in your studies is to plan out your day and be well-organized. Dedicating only a few minutes of each day to making a schedule is going to boost your productivity immensely. Furthermore, in the midst of all the obligations, forgetting things is normal. Post-it notes can be an efficient tool to help you remember upcoming events or memorize crucial facts. It’s advisable to have a planner, but it doesn’t have to be a conventional one. In case you find it more convenient to have your schedule written in a digital format, you can download an organization app. If you’re not keen on having too many apps, you can simply use Google Calendar to set up alerts, so you don’t miss your deadlines.

Take notes during lectures

Being attentive during lectures is going to reduce the amount of work you need to put in at home. Teachers often explain the material in a way that is more digestible than what is written in the book. Aside from listening carefully, try to take as many notes as possible. This will benefit you later on when you study, as you will be somewhat familiar with the subject matter. Naturally, your notes aren’t always going to be perfect, as it’s difficult to catch every single line the teacher utters. What you can do is exchange notes with your peers. You may also find your saviour among an array of neatly-organized Monash notes, shared by Monash University students from various departments.

Ask for assistance

You may closely follow the lectures, memorize every inch of the book and your notes, and yet still fall short when the test results arrive. Some students seem to have the answer to any exam question, regardless of how surprising the question appears to you. According to a university professor, Cal Newport, to prevent this problem, it’s essential to “eliminate your question marks” before the test. This means that you should ask about anything you don’t understand. Therefore, clear up all the confusion during lectures, or in case you have the option to consult your teacher via email or during their office hours, use that opportunity. You could also work over your dilemmas with your colleagues, and even form a study group with those who are motivated to study hard.

Discover effective focus methods

Studying long hours without being focused is fruitless. The key to combating this is to try out different focus methods until you discover the ones that work for you. The first thing you should do is eliminate all the distractions, such as your phone and TV. If you have difficulty staying away from your devices, you could test out website-blocking apps and apps that lock your phone for the desired amount of time. No one can stay completely focused for hours on end, so it’s highly recommended to break up your study sessions by including small breaks in between. To measure your study time and break time, you could use some time-tracking apps. Additionally, if you wish to have a study buddy, but no colleague of yours is available or motivated, you can find a wide range of “study-with-me” videos on YouTube. Revision is also a salient part of any successful study routine and requires your full attention. Simply skimming through or rereading your books and notes isn’t the most effective technique. You could try employing active recall methods, such as revising with a closed book, and using flashcards.

Don’t neglect your health

Chasing excellent grades can lead to disregarding your physical and mental health. Nothing should come before your overall well-being. What is more, sleep deprivation and nutrition deficiency can lead to negative effects on your cognitive abilities, thus making it more difficult for you to comprehend and retain study material. Add stress and anxiety to the mix, and you have a recipe for a mental breakdown. Thus, it can’t be stressed enough how crucial it is to do your best to get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthily, and drink plenty of water. This is going to help you feel energized throughout the day and keep your immune system in check.


As you’ve seen, studying hard is just a fraction of what you need to do to keep getting excellent marks in school. Although by no means an easy endeavor, forming new habits is well worth the effort. Doing so will enable you to accomplish more than simply becoming a better student. It will make you more efficient and self-disciplined, which are valuable traits that can be the key to your success in life further down the road.

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