The proposed Pachinko and Pachislot games that can play on smartphones

They are introducing the BEST4 recommended online game where you can enjoy pachinko and pachislot on your smartphone! Of course, the latest and popular models have been introduced in the hall, but famous nostalgic machines, such as No. 4, can only play online. Since various natural model transplant stands are prepared, you can play as if you were playing the accurate model from home. Not only can titles play from a PC, but titles that can play from a smartphone browser are possible. Unfortunately for Suro-speed すろそく users, the official website of the original Suro-speed “Suro-speed VIP channel” has stopped updating since 2015.

In addition, there is a comment section for the description, and in a sense, it is also a feature of slot slow speed スロ速 that you can hear the live voice of the slotter. In addition, there are titles where you can earn luxurious benefits and points by starting playing now, so they are introducing all the recommended pachislot games!

1. “Nanapachi”

By playing the game, you will gain experience points and level up, and you can earn 78 points according to the level each time you level up, so models that need points will spend points to play. Also, now only those who start the game for the first time will receive “20000N $” as a gift, so let’s increase it well and play on various platforms!

When you sit down at the table, you can exchange “Nana Pachi dollars” for balls and medals before playing, but in the “Beginner Area,” there is a table where you can play for free. In the free corner, if the number of free balls is less than the specified number (100 shots), you can replenish the balls for free, such as pressing the replenishment button at the bottom right of the screen to replenish up to 1000 free balls, and you can do it as many times a day as you like. I will!

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However, the free ball/payout data and personal battle record data will be reset when you leave the seat, and you will not be able to move the table with the payout, and you will not be able to obtain experience points.

2. “777”

First, register as a free member, create an account and download and install the game to play this game. Double-click the game icon to launch the game when the download is complete, login, and start playing.

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When booting with an Apple PC, use “BootCamp” and boot the Windows OS to enable operation.

  • However, we have not confirmed the operation, so please register and start it at your own risk.
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3. “KYORAKU Surprise Land”

Since the actual machine is faithfully reproduced, people who want to study it more can play at their own pace. Even if you can’t go to the store or close it, you can play anytime, anywhere, when you want.

The appeal of this work is that you can enjoy the unique ways of using a smartphone app, such as collecting illustrations, collecting data, and logging, which you cannot enjoy on an actual device. You can enjoy the ranking mode with players from all over the country by registering as a member, but you can also enjoy this work as a single app without registering as a member.

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4. “Gripachi”

With the cooperation of 19 pachinko / pachislot makers, 89 pachinko / pachislot machines operating in the actual hall are free-to-play.

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Of course, from the famous machines of the past to the latest models that are no longer in the hall, you can play the actual machine application that made the hall lively without restrictions, and it is the quality unique to smartphones. You can walk around virtual halls with various characteristics, make friends with other players, hit pachinko in the next seat, and create a guild with like-minded friends.

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Various events unique to the virtual hall, such as pachinko balls and slot medal rankings, corps competitions, and mission events, are held anytime, and you can play with plenty of content.

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