The most popular and effective Coworking spaces in Goa,India

In the last few years, India has become a genuine treat for digital nomads because of the proliferation of coworking spaces. Goa is a popular location for nomads and ex-pats, alongside Mumbai and New Delhi. Relaxing activities like yoga and meditation might help alleviate work-related stress in this eco-friendly locale. Have you never been to Goa before? If so, here’s a little help:

Goa, a southwestern Indian state, features several coworking spaces. Fast and dependable Wi-Fi is a given in most coworking spaces, unlike cafes and restaurants, where the quality of the Internet is not always guaranteed. There are a few coworking spaces in Goa we recommend and one to avoid unless there’s nothing better in the area.

Goa’s best coworking place is

Your every want is catered to at MeWo, a coworking space. Goa is already buzzing about this new and well-organized venue, which is only a few years old. Although MeWo’s generator kicks in if electricity is down, the Internet is fast here and even has a backup from ゴアの人気コワーキングスペース.

With a team, you’ll appreciate the private offices. Each has a whiteboard, an air-conditioner, and, if desired, monitors for presentations. The open room is filled with artificial plants that fall from the ceiling, and desk partitions offer privacy. An ergonomic chair and a personal locker are provided to all MeWo employees, so your valuables are safe when you need a break.

There is a kitchen where you can make your coffee and snacks, as well as an in-house cafe with a blue sky ceiling and old street lighting on the walls. Although MeWo has fantastic conference rooms with complete AV equipment, the café is where everyone prefers to gather.

MeWe members are given biometric keycards, and the entire facility is monitored by CCTV. If you have any questions or concerns, a receptionist will be happy to assist you.

During downtime, you can relax in the lounge area with a good book from the on-site library. For something more thrilling, MeWo provides a great game area where you may network with other users while playing.

 The Blue Lotus website.

For digital nomads, Blue Lotus is a part of the coliving and coworking concept. In the village of Ucassaim, a 140-year-old house has been converted into a coworking space.

The main issue we experienced with Blue Lotus was that it was the least focused on coworking and the most focused on developing a community. They have a coworking room with a decent desk and two chairs, as well as a few beanbags on the side. Desks are available in some rooms. However, you must request one at the time of booking if you want one.

We were able to work in the standard room thanks to our travel stand desk because we didn’t feel comfortable working in the coworking space. The Internet was beautiful throughout the day, but it slowed down in the evenings when everyone was inside and online.

If you’re looking for an affordable location to stay and a terrific place to work, Blue Lotus isn’t the place for you. Guests are taken on regular nature walks by the resort’s personnel to the nearby forests and hills. In the studio outside, you can practice yoga and meditate in a communal setting.

You’ll meet many interesting people and fellow digital nomads in this city because it’s an international hub. No matter how little work you get done, you’ll still have a good time meeting new people and unwinding.


Located in Assagao, NomadGao has accommodations and one of the fastest Internet connections in Goa. Choosing to rent a room gives you access to the coworking space around the clock, which is usually only available during business hours.

In this coworking space, wood and potted plants dominate the design, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. To avoid aches and pains in your back and neck, all hot desks have ergonomic seats.

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