The Kolkata Knight Riders still can win not just that match with the CSK

There are a few legends in the IPL, and the Kolkata Knight Riders club is one of them. It’s represented by the city of Kolkata in the Premier League from the beginning. It should be noted that the team has high popularity in India and among foreign Cricket fans. That level of popularity became possible due to its association with the legendary Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan who has owned it for the last few years.

But the high team popularity has been made also possible by the ongoing work on themselves and testing many variations of the strategies. As the result of the complex approach a few IPL trophies and lots of unforgettable records that the team is still holding. And today even in the CSK vs KKR match the Kolkata Knight Riders look confident. However, it is a really complicated rival so the KKR will do all their best.

If you check the history of the Kolkata Knight Riders and their matches stats you will see that the team become the IPL champion for the first time in 2012. That year was also played the match with the Chennai Super Kings. The CSK is the current IPL trophy holder so it might be some amusing match. But for them, the KKR is the most uncomfortable rival in the whole IPL team list because in 2014 they repeated their feat from 2012 when their competitor was the Kings XI Punjab. Thet success had helped the KKR hold the record for the longest winning streak by IPL teams into the T20s matches format.

Here is some more information about the Kolkata Knight Riders team:

  • During the Mega Auction 2022, the team have bought the Shreyas Iyer. Also, KKR will try to buy their stars, Nitish Rana and Pat Cummins to bring some fresh energy inside the club. The total number of the players that were bought by the team before this season – 21 cricketers.
  • This season the club really struggled with the backups. But still, there is a really good prediction for them in the new 2022 season.
  • Unfortunately, the KKR did not have a good wicket-keeper with enough experience playing the Indian Premier League matches!

This season the team refused their veteran players (Dinesh Karthik, Eoin Morgan etc.). At the same time, the KKR welcomed the highly dynamic batsman Shreyas (from Eoin Morgan). And was that decision right the fans will see 26th on March when the KKR will play with the CSK. In this match, the Kolkata Knight Riders have a real chance to win back. For sure Andre Russell, Varun Chakravarthy, Venkatesh Iyer and other players will show some great technique and a high level of effectiveness during that match.

According to the forecaster’s opinion, the Kolkata Knight Riders still can win not just that match with the CSK but also the Indian Premier League 2022 final. If the team falls with first place it still can be between the four finalists and get one of the main money prices. The KKR already bought a few legendary cricketers which means they are ready for big winning. Would be that enough for them to become the NO.1 of the IPL raffle you will see in a few days!

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