The history of the International Cricket Council

In the same way that FIFA oversees world football, the International Cricket Council, also known as the ICC, oversees everything that happens in cricket. The safe betting website is 1xBet platform, and it is possible to visit the site in order to wager on all the competitions that are part of the ICC. The organization is headquartered in Dubai.

The World Cup is the main competition held under the auspices of the organization. The platform 1xBet is a safe betting website, and it allows punters to place wagers on tons of competitions overseen by the International Cricket Council, including the world championship. 

How the ICC was born

On June 15, 1909 representatives from countries of the British Empire met. Their goal was simple. They gathered to create the Imperial Cricket Council. These countries have powerful squads for which it is a great idea to bet on and find cricket betting odds India on 1xBet. These specific countries were:

  • England;
  • Australia;
  • and South Africa.

The association’s main objective was to promote the sport in all the entities that were part of the British Empire. This included the Empire proper and its colonies. After the founding members, there were three new additions to the ICC board. They were the West Indies, New Zealand and India. They received full test match status in 1926. These kinds of cricket contests are available to find cricket betting odds on 1xBet India platform and to wager on them.

1926 was a year when other significant changes were introduced to the entity. From that point elections were agreed to be held. Also, it was determined to create confederations and associations to promote regional cricket. This brought huge results, including the appearance of several new and local competitions around the world.

Expansion and reformation

After the formation of the state of Pakistan in 1947, the country received the status of international test nation of Cricket. Pakistan is another country for which it can be wagered on by visiting With the creation of this new body, new rules to allow the election of countries outside the British Commonwealth were created. As a result, the Conference was expanded. However, certain differences were established between new and founding members. The former had only one vote. The latter had two votes and also had veto power.

In 1991 the entity renamed itself to the International Cricket Council. It welcomed new members and took the form for which it is known today. To visit 1xBet now allows betting on all the competitions overseen by the ICC.

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