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The best designs for double main doors

When you are planning to construct a home, then you should decide about some factors. You should plan for the architectural style of the home. As you are not much aware of the architectural patterns, you should consult an architect. You should also decide about aspects such as doors, windows, plumbing, drainage, ceiling, ventilation system etc. You cannot plan individually as you are not a professional and hence require professionals engaged in construction. The main aspect of the home is the main door because the guests enter through the main door. The guests or visits initially view the main door of the home. The main door should be constructed using solid and graded material in a beautiful style. You should also focus on the design for the main door. The interior designers or architects provide latest main double door designs.  The house should look chic and modern. 

Designing the main door of the home

The visitors first enter your home through the main door. They enter into the living room initially. The main door is made of different types of materials such as wooden, fiberglass or even steel. You should use the best material that is durable so it can remain intact for many years. Depending upon the architecture of your home, you should decide the type of door you want to construct. 

Wooden doors

Many people prefer to construct the main door using wooden material. Today, many types of wooden materials are available in the market that is graded such as the plywood, bamboo wood, ash wood, celtis wood, etc. The woods are broadly classified into plywood, softwood, hardwood or MDF.

Steel doors

Many people prefer to construct a main door of steel material. They prefer to use steel material because it is easily resistant to scratches and is not prone to dirt or dust. Many people install doors made of stainless steel material. The doors are also made of wood finished steel main doors and film coated armored steel material. 


Many people install fibreglasses to the front doors and your home looks modern with the door. The fibreglasses are durable and solid and are easily resistant to scratches or wear or tear. 

You should construct a main door using solid and graded materials. Whether you use a fiberglass, steel or wooden, it should be robust and solid. If you are using a low-grade steel material, then it may not be durable and may not last for many years although steel is basically a solid material. A thin layer of steel is not durable anytime. The wooden material also should be graded and the wooden doors usually consist of veneer finishing. If your house should look chic and modern, you should know about the latest main double door designs. The best interior designers provide the best designing ideas to the customers.

You should decide the best design for the main entrance door. The design may be contemporary, modern, transitional, traditional etc. Many people are constructing doors that look modern because their homes are constructed in modern style. People construct single door or double door for entrance. But, the main entrance doors are usually larger. 

Designs for the main entrance doors

Veneer Doors

You can construct doors of solid sheets of veneer and it is consists of boards that extends from the ceiling to the bottom. It is installed at the side of the door.


The door consists of bordering panels and the doors are made of wooden materials and are coated with glass on the exterior. The design of the door is modern. 

Constructing a door from Chevron material

You can construct a door from Chevron wooden material and they are designed with horizontal or vertical planks. These doors may be constructed in Californian style with orange and red horizontal stripes. 

Timber wooden doors

You can construct the timber wooden doors consisting of timber planks and are also installed with horizontal glass stripes. These doors are partly made of glass material and hence the sunrays can easily penetrate through the glass but the hot scorching rays of the sun do not enter.  The interior decorators provide the best main double door design that makes the home look chic. 

Doors with spaces

Some doors have small spaces in between to allow fresh air or sunrays through the spaces. The doors are constructed in river style and the pattern looks really chic. It may be installed with long handles that are easier to open and close.

Motif style

The Motif style is traditional but yet the design is beautiful. Your home looks beautiful in this style. You can construct a 3D design in motif style. 

Doors with different components 

Some doors are constructed with different parts or components that are joined or assembled together and a large door is constructed. The parts can be designed with different designs such as geometrical pattern such as square, oval, rectangular, floral patterns etc. The doors may consist of more than two finishing also. 

Tree leaf fashion

Some of the doors are constructed in tree leaf fashion. The door jali is made of different types of materials such as wooden material, brass or veneer material. The stripes are installed in an oblique fashion. 

You can plan for a main double door design depending upon the architectural pattern of your home, size of your home,location etc. Many people are installing doors made of thick fiberglass material consisting of various finishes. This material appears like a wooden material. Some doors are made of steel also, but are designed like a wooden design. The material you are using for your door also depends upon the geographical location. If you are living that is always prone to moisture or rainfall then you can construct a door made of steel because steel is not affected due to moisture. You can also easily maintain the steel doors that are not easily prone to stains or scratches. If you are living in hot regions, then you can construct a door of fiberglass consisting of insulating material. 

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