The Basics of Link Building

Link building refers to an SEO strategy that site owners use to increase traffic and improve Google rankings. It’s commonly misunderstood as being a shortcut to success, but it isn’t that at all. To get the best results from link building, it should be done after establishing a good SEO foundation, completing on-page SEO, and publishing unique and high-quality content.

What is a Link?

Links allow visitors to go from the page that they are reading to a different site or page when they click on it.  The main aim of links is to make it easy for people to navigate when browsing the internet and find the content that they are looking for easily and quickly. Links can be attached to various elements including texts, videos, images, and graphics.

What is a Link Building Strategy?

Link building refers to the process of having links to your site placed on other websites. For a while, all you needed was to have a lot of links pointing to your content to improve your ranking. However, the issue with this was that people took advantage of it by building spammy and poor-quality links to improve their rankings. Google has since changed its algorithm and now favors link quality over link quantity. Because of this, site owners need to build high-quality links. These are links that are placed on authority sites that are relevant to your niche and have a high level of organic traffic. You can do this yourself or try working with a link building agency, they will do all the heavy lifting for you and are experts in link building.

Why is Link Building Needed?

For most kinds of online businesses and companies that have an online presence, link building is crucial for improving search traffic and rankings, boosting online visibility, and ultimately improving sales and revenue. Along with this, both Google and human internet users see links as a ‘trust signal’. When links point back to your site, Google sees this as a positive ranking signal as it demonstrates that you publish relevant, valuable, and trustworthy content. And when Google views your site positively, it will be ranked well.

What Do You Need to Consider When Link Building?

There are both good and bad links out there, and some have more SEO power compared to others. The main things to consider when link building are:

  1. Relevancy: A good link should be placed on a website or page that is within or relevant to your niche. For example, if you run a site about cars, then you should have your links placed on other car sites or sites where cars are a main category.
  2. Domain Strength: You should ideally have links placed on high-authority websites. For example, a link placed on a national news website would be more valuable than one placed on a local blog.

Link building will help you build trust and credibility for your online business, along with improving your Google ranking when done right.

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