The Ancient Practice of Yoga in Today’s World

Yoga is a practice that has been around for a very long time and requires discipline of your body and mind. Having discipline allows a person to be more intune with the various aspects of their body. This practice can help people to find peace in their lives and manage daily stress. Most people think that yoga is just stretching but there’s more to it. 

Most injuries that occur can be resolved with physical therapy rather than surgery. If you live in eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls neck pain specialists are available to help you with pain you might be dealing with. Surgery requires recovery time while physical therapy can alleviate pain quicker and help you feel normal sooner. 

Types of Yoga

  • Bickram yoga is practiced in a humid environment and is done where people want to lose weight. This environment helps the body to relax and breathe. This is an intense workout where participants can develop flexibility and strength.
  • Hatha yoga is more slow and meditation focused. This is beginner friendly with several different styles. 
  • Vinyasa yoga can also be done in a hot and humid environment where participants can build lean muscle. While doing this form of yoga, all muscle groups can be worked while doing this movement. 
  • Kundalini yoga strongly focuses on the mind and spirit. Meditation, breathing, and smooth movement are all components of this form of yoga. By doing this type of yoga, participants can train their minds and body how to better react to thoughts and emotions.
  • Anusara yoga mostly focuses on the inner self including mind and soul. This form of yoga helps to build strength, muscle toning and relax the mind and body. 

Pick PT Services 

Pick PT offers a variety of services to their clients to provide treatments for several different injuries. Their services are listed below:

  • Neck pain treatments
  • Back pain treatments
  • Balance/dizziness
  • Sports medicine
  • Orthopedic PT
  • Chronic pain recovery
  • Postpartum rehabilitation
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Car accident injury therapy

Benefits of Yoga

While it might be difficult to learn a new form of exercise, there are countless advantages to doing yoga. Yoga allows you to become more flexible, strengthen your muscles, and have more energy. All of these benefits allow your body to work towards balanced health and well-being. Other positives that come from consistent yoga are increased metabolism and weight loss. Working towards your ideal weight can help your mind and body to feel good. This form of exercise can also help you to improve your mental state by reducing stress, mental illness, and strengthening your immune system.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

One of the most apparent benefits of physical therapy is to avoid surgery to resolve the injury. Physical therapy can be very helpful in your recovery and can be a much cheaper option than surgery as well. The physical therapists work with you to help you strengthen the muscles that were injured as well as the ones that are surrounding the injured area. There can be increased soreness and pain that comes with aging so this practice can be very useful for people of all ages. Don’t hesitate to contact Pick PT to schedule a consultation with one of their specialists.

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