The Advantages of Industrial Spray Painting

While purchasing an industrial paint sprayer might seem like overkill for the hobbyist or the small project, it could have a revolutionary impact on larger projects you may be undertaking – from home renovations to car body painting – for a number of crucial reasons. Here are just four of the advantages to using an industrial paint sprayer.


The key advantage to using an industrial paint sprayer is the time you can save from using it. Whether you’re painting a wall, a car’s side panel or a piece for an art project, the sprayer offers a significant time reduction for applying successive coats. Painting by brush can take time in and of itself, and recommended time between coats can rise up to 24 hours owing to the thickness of the layer. With industrial spray painting, the thinness of the paint layer applied means you can re-coat in five to ten minutes – expediting your painting and delivering you a finished job in a fraction of the time.


One major benefit to using industrial spray painting for your paintwork lies in how sustainable the process is. For starters, the control your have over the spray nozzle, the way in which the paint is stored and the way in which it is atomised result in less overall paint wastage; less paint is required for a full and consistent coat, and more fine control over the amount of paint you load in leads to less thrown out at the end of your painting session. The air compressor you use to atomise the paint is also sustainable, as you aren’t buying resource-intensive aerosol cans that contribute to your carbon footprint. That said, some kinds of paint sprayer such as the cart gun sprayer are airless, and can contribute more waste in use – so make sure to choose the more sustainable cup gun variants.

Quality Results

Industrial spray paint guns provide unparalleled results, in comparison to any attempts you might make with a brush, roller or aerosol spray paint can. With different nozzles and nozzle settings, you can set your spray to a desired field and cover the intended surface with complete control over what is coming out. The atomised paint is applied with complete consistency thanks to regular flow from the compressor, resulting in a high-quality coat from minimal effort. With the aforementioned swiftness of applying additional coats, your end result can be fully realised in no time, and completely uniform in colour.

Ease of Use

Lastly, industrial paint sprayers are quite simply incredibly easy to use. Past engaging the compressor and loading the paint hopper properly, there is little more to it than wearing the correct safety equipment, adequately ventilating your painting space and pulling the trigger. Controlling and directing the flow of atomised paint is simple and intuitive, and the results tend to speak for themselves.
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