The Adelaide Strikers Have Announced a Charity Partnership With the Novita Foundation

The Adelaide Strikers have announced a Novita charity partnership with the Novita Foundation. The partnership will help the charity raise funds for specialised sporting equipment for young South Australians with special needs and disability. As part of the program, the Strikers will provide clinics for the kids at Adelaide Oval and integrate the Novita kids into their programs. As part of the charity partnership, the players will also meet with Novita supporters at Carols by Candlelight.


The partnership is a way to bring community organizations and nonprofits together to help those in need. Both organisations provide services and programs for children with disabilities. The Novita charity partnership is made up of local branches in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Tasmania. As a result, the combined organization will benefit more than one million people across Australia. Novita is a community-based disability service organisation that provides therapy, community programs, and assistive technology. Its Physical Rehabilitation Program is a specialist in therapy for children with movement disorders.

Made possible by donations

The Novita charity partnership is made possible by donations from the Central District Football Club. The Central District Football Club and the Novita Foundation have partnered to provide services to children with disabilities. Novita’s services will help thousands of children with disabilities and special needs. The team will wear a special Novita guernsey at their Round 5 match against Adelaide. The Novita Charity Partnership is a great way to raise awareness of this non-profit organisation.

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In addition to providing quality rehabilitation services, the Novita Foundation also provides services and support for children with special needs. The charity will support the programs and activities of the Central District Football Club and its affiliated clubs. The Novita charity partnership is a great way to help these organizations do even more. There are many ways to contribute to the Novita cause. And it isn’t just a matter of providing quality rehabilitation services. The Novita team has the resources to help children with special needs and disabilities.


The Novita Foundation supports a number of different charities. The Novita Children’s Services has programs for children with disabilities and other conditions. It is a great way to give back and support a local charity while doing good for the community. The Novita team is one of the best known in Melbourne, and the Novita foundation has a large presence throughout the city. It is a huge honor for any community to partner with the Novita Foundation to help the children.

Novita Children’s Services

In addition to promoting the Novita Foundation, the Central District Football Club also supports the Novita Children’s Services. It is a great cause that supports the families of children with special needs. Novita is committed to ensuring that its clients receive the best possible services and facilities. Its aims to provide more comprehensive services and support to families. And it is not just about providing therapy to children – the Novita team has been doing community programs for more than seventy years.

The Novita Foundation provides therapy services, as well as community programs to help people with disabilities live a more independent life. The company provides accommodation, assistive technology and community programs to help people with disabilities. In addition, its Physical Rehabilitation Program has been designed to improve the lives of children with movement disorders and other developmental disorders. The Novita foundation also works with many people in the community. In fact, they have a website that contains all the information and resources that you need.

Community-based disability

The Novita Foundation was established in 1939 and is a community-based disability service organization. It supports people with disabilities through a number of services, including therapy, accommodation, community programs, and assistive technology. In addition to its therapy and rehabilitation services, Novita also supports individuals with disability and their families. The Novita foundation has a physical rehabilitation program for children. The program helps children with movement disorders develop and strengthen their physical abilities.

Final Submission:

The Novita Foundation supports various programs in the community that help people with disabilities. In addition to providing therapy, the Novita foundation provides other services that help people with disabilities live a more independent life. As a result, the Novita team is making strides to increase the quality of life of children with different disabilities. It also provides assistive technology and accommodations for children with mobility issues. The Novita Charity Partnership with the Central District League. You can find lab grown diamonds UK.

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