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At Thalia’s house Vouchers received as part of a promotion are known as promotional vouchers. These can be printed vouchers that come with products or voucher codes that you receive by email or newsletter if you’ve agreed to receive them.

Simply insert at least one item from the audiobooks, CDs, films, toys, or software ranges in the amount of the promotional coupon value in your shopping basket to redeem a promotional voucher.

Use the Checkout button to get to the Check & Order page, where you’ll see a field for your ordered items in the Redeem voucher code section, where you may input your voucher code.

The voucher will be deducted from the amount in the updated order summary when you click Redeem. Then, to finish, click “purchase” to complete your order.

Redeem Percentage Vouchers With Vouchers

Redeem percentage vouchers with vouchers, bubut please keep in mind the information on promotional vouchers while redeeming a percentage voucher. In contrast to promotional vouchers, the actual value of a percentage voucher is established as a percentage of the value of the shopping cart. If the percentage coupon specifies a limited validity for certain assortments (e.g., non-price-controlled items, flowers, etc. ), the voucher’s value is decided solely by the valid products.

The Fine Print On Coupons

The following instructions apply to the use of a promotional or percentage voucher. Regardless of whose campaign the voucher comes from, only one voucher can be used per order. Furthermore, many vouchers can only be redeemed once per household or individual.

A minimum order value can be established for promotional coupons; percentage vouchers are not adjusted against other benefits (special discounts or similar). Both promotional and percentage vouchers are only applicable for select product ranges, depending on the voucher.

The validity period is frequently limited: in the case of campaign vouchers, the validity period is determined by the duration of the campaign, which is normally limited to a few months. Purchase certificates, which are normally valid for at least three years, differ from action and percentage vouchers in this regard.

Both campaign and percentage vouchers can only be used to offset the cost of the items; they cannot be used to offset the cost of shipping or the use of the gift service.

Neither campaign nor percentage vouchers can be used to purchase gift vouchers, they cannot be paid out in cash.

The pure value of the order is the sole way to meet the voucher’s minimum order value. The cost of using the gift service or the cost of delivery is not included in the minimum order value.

The vouchers used will be automatically renewed if a return or cancellation is required due to our error. For a subsequent order, please input the voucher code once more. Only the value less the credited voucher portion of the purchase price will be reimbursed if the purchase price is refunded.

Coupons: Pick Up In-Store

Please note that vouchers will not be taken into account when picked up from a branch. You can redeem your vouchers online at any time with them.

Please note that while picking up from a branch, vouchers will not be accepted. You can use them to redeem your vouchers online at any time.

Corporate Customers Can Get A Thalia gift Card

Give the Thalia gift card to your staff, clients, our suppliers and benefit from exclusive discounts and other benefits as a corporate customer. Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday, or another occasion, the Thalia gift card will provide a unique experience.

Please keep in mind that your agreement purchase volume must be at least 1,000 euros. If your order is less than 1,000 euros, you can place it in our gift card section or person at your location.

Many Benefits From A Single Thalia Card:

  • Redeemable at all Thalia and Mayerschen locations, as well as online at
  • Shopping that is both secure and cashless.
  • The value of the gift card can be changed at any time.
  • This applies to eBooks and eReaders as well.
  • Order a Thalia gift card that meets your requirements:
  • Codes for digital gift cards
  • By mail, you can send physical gift cards in a high-quality gift card carrier.
  • By arrangement, the gift card carrier can be customized.
  • The amount of top-up varies between 5 and 500 euros.

Thalia Affiliate Program

Anyone who has a website and wants to make money quickly and effortlessly should consider participating. All you have to do is sign up for the partner program, which is completely free. You can choose from over 12 million articles on and promote them on your website.

Free Participation

Participation in the Thalia partner program is, of course, completely free and risk-free. You are not compelled to meet any minimum sales or performance goals.

Large Selection

There is something for any website operator among the approximately 10 million articles covering books, DVDs, Blu-rays, music, software, games, toys, stationery, living, and technology.

30 Days Cookie Term

All sales made by a customer who purchases through your website within 30 days of their first visit earn you a commission.

Fair And Attractive Commissions

For each order you place, you will receive a commission of 4% to 12% on the value of the goods ordered.

Complete Command

You determine how far you want to link to, whether it’s for specific products or full categories.

Person To Contact

Do you have any inquiries, requests, or suggestions for us? We’re here to assist you! Our affiliate agency, iProspect, can be reached at any time through email at [email protected] or by phone at +49 211 97769221.

Return Of Goods At thalia

The sub-item “Returns” can be found under “My Account” (under “My Orders”). Here you may quickly and conveniently process your returns and print a pre-paid return label.

Simply click on the corresponding icon to see a list of all the things (orders) that can still be canceled. Please choose the suitable article by entering the amount and the acceptable return reason. Then select “Print” from the drop-down menu. We are now supplying you with the needed return label to make your return as simple as possible. Simply print it, cut off the label, attach the return overview to the item, and mail it!

You can also use the Hermes shipping label that was affixed to your cargo as a return label if your shipment was delivered by Hermes. Simply deliver the package to a Hermes parcel outlet.

Alternatively, please include your invoice and a message explaining why you’re returning the item. Please note: In this instance, please use our contact form to stamp the appropriate return and tell us of the shipping charges incurred as well as your bank account information.

Of course, you can easily return the products you ordered to a Thalia bookshop near you. Please bring your purchases as well as the invoice with you; we will gladly handle the return. Unfortunately, no exchange or credit can be made through the Thalia bookstore.

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